Australian Bureau of Meteorology plays God by altering Adelaide historic temperature data – Frostgate 2

Lance Pidgeon raises a fascinating issue in his comment on my Frostgate 1 thread where he points out a report in The (Adelaide) Advertiser for 4 July 1933 that the 3rd July 1933 was the “COLDEST MORNING THIS YEAR”.
It is interesting here to check what the various BoM versions record for this frost event.
This segment of spreadsheet shows the BoM standard minimum readings in Celsius – with their latest (March 2012) adjusted & perfected ACORN data alongside. We see that for the 3 July ACORN reads 1.7 – OK but note how the 30 June in ACORN now reads 1.6 – which rewrites Adelaide history as recorded by the Advertiser that the 3 July was “COLDEST MORNING THIS YEAR”. The red A marks the day of The Advertiser article we are referring to – and the red NR marks the new “COLDEST MORNING THIS YEAR”.

How does the BoM possibly know now in 2012 that the 30 June 1933 was a colder morning at West Terrace Adelaide than 3 July ? Denying the evidence of the BoMs own standard temperature data read by expert observers at its South Australian Regional Office. This playing God with our temperature history can not be justified.
And while we are looking at the Differences Raw minus ACORN – how on earth can the BoM justify these constantly varying adjustments ?
How do they know that on the 6th July the 10.2 recorded was EXACTLY correct for all time ? While all the other morning readings from 20th June to 10th July were faulty by greatly varying amounts.

3 thoughts on “Australian Bureau of Meteorology plays God by altering Adelaide historic temperature data – Frostgate 2”

  1. Warwick, how can they adjust them by over 2 degrees. It is just nonsense of the worst kind. I suspect they have reduced the minimums so the average readings look lower than they are now, to prove that the globe is warming.

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