Great Australian open borders experiment – come on down

Now that the Australian Parliament has failed to enact practical border protection laws – the Nation is in fact operating a huge experiment which will answer the question as to how many Asian people want to migrate here to better themselves. This little graphic sums up how well the John Howard so called “Pacific Solution”

drastically reduced the number of IEVs for the years 2002 to 2008. Then at the end of 2008 the Kevin Rudd Labor Govt relaxed border laws and the results we see now.
Chart of monthly IEV totals up to 30 June.

It is fascinating that since the last boat sinking on the 27th the state owned ABC news service only recorded one IEV arrival early on the 28th. I can not see news items at the ABC site recording the four IEV’s to arrive since then.
“Hypocrisy of the month – Indonesia” – from earlier in June

4 thoughts on “Great Australian open borders experiment – come on down”

  1. This weak stance is very bad for the good old basic Aussies who along with their forefathers have built the country up to the great place that is is today. How unjust that illegals from tin-pot countries that cannot get their act together can just flood in to pick up the “goodies”. Many will bring along their extreme & often dangerous religious beliefs and further problems as they set up enclaves. Unchecked they will swamp the place. They would do the same to us in New Zealand as well..if their junk boats could reach us.

  2. PS/ Just on our news that yet another boat is in trouble off the coast of Indonesia. It didn’t get far and with approximately up to 180 people on board. Report said that some contacted other relatives already in Australia! Apparently now heading back to Indonesia, where evidently there are no maritime safety laws.

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