Satellites vs surface, amazing agreement over the USA.

Carrying on from the previous post re UHI in China, it is fascinating that the Jones HadCRUT2 data has an amazing close agreement with MSU lower troposphere, 1979-2005 over most of the the USA 48 States from 30 to 50 North incl a small strip of far south Canada.

– Measuring the following four bands of grid cells, starting in the south at 30 to 35 North (LA), extending 9 cells east to Charleston 75W.
– Next on 35 to 40 North from 125 West to 70 West, 11 grid cells.
– Then 40 to 45 North, same longitude limits, 11 grid cells.
– Finally 45 to 50 North, 125 West to 50 West, 15 grid cells.

The average difference for all these 46 x 5 degree grid cells is that MSU warms over HadCRUT2 by an infinitesimal 0.0000073 degrees per year.

Considering the large blocks of grid cells in other global regions where HadCRUT2 warms strongly compared to MSU 1979-2005: it is worth pondering why there is this close agreement between HadCRUT2 and MSU over the USA ?

Could it be pure chance ? Could it be due to superior USA surface data quality ? Is European surface data so bad ?

You see the issues. Why this great variation in HadCRUT2 minus MSU for different global regions ?

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