Weird ABC article: “High summer temperatures predicted”

Last Update: Monday, August 7, 2006. 4:34pm (AEST) ABC online
High summer temperatures predicted

A leading climatologist says there is no evidence Australia will suffer from heat waves like those currently in Europe.

Dr Janette Lindsay, from the Australian National University, says there is no link between seasons in Australia and the Northern Hemisphere.

But she says Australia may be in for a warmer-than-average summer.

“The situation in Australia is very much a function of first of all what happens around the Pacific Ocean in regards to El Nino specifically,” Dr Lindsay said.

“All of the forecasts for El Nino for the coming spring and summer are that we’re looking at probably neutral, average conditions across the Pacific, maybe tending to be slightly warmer than usual.”

Dr Lindsay says Queensland and New South Wales can expect a dry spring as a result of recent temperature rises in the Indian Ocean.

“It’s likely to be drier than normal in Queensland and northern New South Wales over spring, and that also the rather mild temperatures are likely to continue and it may be warmer also in eastern Australia in spring,” she said.

I have tried emailing the source but Dr Lindesay is on leave till 2007 according to an auto email response.

First I should say for readers outside Australia, the ABC is our national public owned radio and TV broadcaster, not the USA ABC.

I fully realise the headline was likely written by the ABC but what can you say? “Wow, and we never knew Australia got hot.” I mean, what is the point ?

Now to the first sentence, “..there is no evidence Australia will suffer from heat waves like those currently in Europe.” I would have thought that in view of our climate history of repeated heatwaves including 1895 and 1938 each with over 400 deaths, that it must be a CERTAINTY that “..Australia will suffer from heat waves ..” again. Notwithstanding that for various reasons our population seems more resistant to heat than in earlier times. And, sure our meteorological conditions will not be exactly “ those currently in Europe.”

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  1. I have just finished studying in detail the chicken entrails I acquired yesterday and I suspect that we will have some heat waves next summer. Just where and when is hard to predict but as a first approximation central Australia looks a good bet.

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