Another error in HadCRUT2 gridded data.

While exploring the KNMI Climate Explorer in late July this monster jumped out of the Jones data.
Error in Jones gridded data over ChinaI emailed both CE and CRU about this and the balance of what I have been told is that the error was in the data as imported to CE.
This 20 years after PDJ has been nurturing all this stuff.
The issue is, what other errors would be found with a half diligent search ?

3 thoughts on “Another error in HadCRUT2 gridded data.”

  1. Warwick,
    Have you done a search for monthly means above 50 C (122 F)? You will probably find a lot of them.

  2. Short answer is no Doug.
    I suppose you have seen my page at
    if you scroll right down near the bottom you see four links headed, “Links to other pages dealing with data quality”

    USA and USSR inhomogenous data, usually anomalously warming, from the V2 GHCN
    Aberrant data from Peru (Jones from memory)
    Examples of aberrant monthly data entries and worse found throughout the Jones data
    Report comparing record quality in national datasets above 50 degrees north. Downloadable zipped Word 97 file

    All that stuff dates from 2000.

  3. I have corresponded with KNMI and they recognise so many errors that it is beyond their means to correct them.

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