Win for PM as gas prices fall after he talks to suppliers

Credit where due – PM Turnbull is having a win with falling gas prices – Larger chart. Chart from 2012

but it seems a secret. I started warning of exploding energy prices on 6 June 2016 – did that pan out. Can update through Oct when data available. Top Link. I should have added for some that despite the Abbott/Turnbull Govts being lame ducks – by that I mean unable to get legislation through the Senate unless it has a GreenLabor flavour – the Feds have existing powers over exports. So a whisper to the gas majors about using the “export powers” and all of a sudden you have their undivided attention.

2 thoughts on “Win for PM as gas prices fall after he talks to suppliers”

  1. Well nobody can claim that TaxCinda did not talk taxes during the election campaign. Maybe not an Auckland fuel tax. I recall a subject she raised early in her campaign was – a tax on water. I know it sounds unbelievable but people voted for her.

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