We must never forget the GreenLabor disasters

Readers can contribute their favourite examples from the last six years which illustrate how Labor does not deserve to govern.
My over arching winner is the constant bleating on about how they saved us from the horrors of the GFC.
The truth is somewhat differnt.
In fact our economy powered on very well comparatively through the GFC thanks to China buying our resources and Govt coffers being stacked with cash from the prudent Howard administration. Labor just got it all wrong.
There never was any call from Australians for the stimulus packages. Were there two tranches of $900 cheques mailed out to all beneficiaries? Were there other benefits too? I read where a lot of this money simply went into savings and did little to stimulate anyway. What was the cost of the broadcasting of cheques?
Then the school buildings bonanza for the construction industry. How useful are the buildings now? All being well used I hope, no building quality issues?
Then the pink batts fiasco – BTW, who qualified to have insulation installed free?
Then after running the Nation into debt – now ~$300 Billion) which our Grandchildren have to pay off – to pay for all the above – they kept the stimulus on way too long, pushing up the AU$ to 1.1 x parity with the US$ in early 2011 harming our vital export sector – in the face of the RBA increasing rates to calm the over-stimulated economy. Utter madness and we are still living with the effects of the wreckage which we must never forget.
I have to mention the loony-toon East Timor asylum seeker solution early in the term of new prime Minister Gillard, late 2010 I recall. It just went on and on and on obvious to everybody that it had not a feather to fly with.
Then the years of mad predictions of a 2012-2013 surplus – in the face of scepticism from almost everybody else in the country. Gotta love GreenLabor.
It will take the Coalition at least a three year term to start getting the economy back on track again.

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  1. And Andrew Bolt has a piece up about Rudd’s extra-ordinarily expense electronic patient records scheme that is a total dud.

  2. Warwick

    In total I believe the biggest crime is the orchestrated campaign to de-base the honest pursuit of truth in science as the biggest crime.

    How can any society arrive at realistic positions & make informed decisions about their future & who is appropriate to guide them into that future, if we have our politicians “buying” the opinion they want( with grants)& stacking their “advisory bodies” to justify their emotional directions & hunger for moral justification & power?

    Our parasitic MSM is every bit as responsible by way of its incestuous relationship with the closed loop between “those who make news” & “those who make it into news”.

    Would we ever have had “Kevin 07” if it was not for David Koche’s fawning on Sunrise?

  3. Here are 2 listings of GreenLabor policy debacles – I saved these in 2012 so they are not up to date. The first was on a HotCopper thread

    And how the defenders of the faith cannot, and will not, see any wrong in their beloved Party.

    Boat people – Rudd dismantles TPV’s, closes down Nauru, and caves in over the Oceanic Viking act of piracy. We all said it would open our borders, we all said it would bring more boat people to our shores, we all said it would cause more lost lives at sea. And it did. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Malaysia solution – We all said it was a lousy deal. 5 for every 1. Up to 4,000. And we still paid for the other 1,000 on top of that! How was that going to work? Malaysia not a signatory to the UN refugee conventions. A central plank of the attack on Nauru. What a backflip. And what a spectacular failure. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    East timor solution – Hang on a minute, aren’t you supposed to talk to the host country before making public announcements? Not according to the ALP faithful, who could see no wrong with this deal even after it finally collapsed.

    GFC – Panicked and squandered BILLION upon BILLION in cash payments, most of which was spent overseas or on grog or polies or drugs. Even people who had died got sent a cheque! The beginning of the end for Rudd imo. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    BER & Pink Batts – No control, too much too quick, no regard for a foreign concept to the ALP called VALUE FOR MONEY. Why worry? It’s all borrowed money and it will be our kids’ problem to pay it off. Rorts, electrocutions, deaths and fires. A problem still not sorted out. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Gillard Challenge – No way! More chance of Julia being Full Forward for the Dogs than being Prime Minister. We all remember Rudd crying at his press conference the day he was knifed. Didn’t cry for any of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan. But cried for his own pitiful self. Didn’t even have the guts to stand for the challenge. Media reports we saying a challenge was on. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    SRPT later MRRT – Completely bungled. No consulation with industry. No idea, the clown who ran treasury stated that the tax could be 100% and it still wouldn’t deter investment! And Swan & co ran with it. Until the big miners decided to protect their interests. Gillard & Swan forced into a humiliating backdown behind closed doors with the Big 3, to the detriment of all other miners in Australia. A complete shambles. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Carbon Tax Lie – “There will be no Carbon Tax under the Government that I lead” says the Queen of Lies just days out from the last election. Here’s what Wayne Swan, another liar of monstrous proportions, had to say prior to the 2010 Federal election “No it’s not possible that we’re bringing in the carbon tax, that is a hysterically inaccurate claim being made by the Coalition.” But we all knew there was a reason Gillard rushed to the election before we could see who the “real” Julia was – because it was already decided with a filthy grubby preference deal with the Greens that this carbon tax was coming. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Rudd Challenge – Strident and shrill denials all the way, Sussex St was sending out all the right messages to their minions, but there was one small problem – the media was right again, and they were wrong. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Canberra Race Riot – Details emerged that someone in the PM’s office might be involved. A terse denial followed. It was all Tony Abbotts fault. But a member of the PM’s staff was shown the door. Close union & Labor party involvement was proved. We all know it came from the top. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Craig Thomson & HSU Rorting with Williamson et al – Nothing to see here, move along. It’s all unfounded allegations. Until the American Express dockets came across from the USA. Good on those Yanks for keeping records eh? “I didn’t do it” “It wasn’t me” A police investigation into the credit card signatures determined that they had NOT been forged. Drivers license and mobile phone numbers were also recorded. Guess whose they were? Then we learn that Williamsons’ daughter is a member of Gillards staff. Williamsons’ relatives and associates heavily involved and being paid for various functions within the HSU. FWA have taken over 3 years to investigate what really is a very simple matter. But Gillard has “Complete Faith” in Thomson. Williamson still on 300 grand a year. It’s not right or proper we cried. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Pokie Reforms Lies – Andrew Wilkie learned the hard way what is was like to deal, or reach agreement with, a proven liar, incapable of honoring her own works even when they were written down and signed for. Another lie, another backflip, another broken promise. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    Harry Jenkins replacement – Poor old Harry was given the chop. But we are supposed to believe the first Gillard etc knew about it was the day it happened. Yeah right. Then Slipper defects and steals the day! Of course nothing was planned it all happened on the same day! What a masterstroke by Gillard they all cried. Numbers now secure in the House. But Tony Abbot said ” He’s Labor’s problem now” and my oh my weren’t those words prophetic. Serious allegations of sexual harrasment and carbcharge taxi rorting now before him, but Gillard, Albanese et al all standing behind this bloke. Tony knew this bloke would cause ALP and Gillard grief. But the ALP Faithful could not see it.

    There have been many, many other lies, broken promises and poor performance from this pack of clowns. To document them all would take more words than I care to write. The above is just a short sample. Surely though, it would be enough to shake even the most ardent supporter of the ALP to waken from their slumber, and realise that Doomsday was now upon it at the next election. But the ALP Faithful CAN not see it.

    For this second list, I am not sure of the source.
    Readers might know of a URL for a better organized and more up-to-date list.

    A few more of Gillard and Labor’s successes:

    1. The Carbon tax. The day before the 2010 election Gillard states, “I rule out a carbon tax.” A week before the 2010 election Gillard states, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” On 24 February 2011 Gillard announces there will be a carbon tax. On 8 November 2011 a carbon tax passes bothHouses of Parliament. As well as job losses it will cost average Australians a further 25 per cent ontheir electricity bills and an extra 6.5 cents a litre on their petrol bills.

    2. The betrayal of Andrew Wilkie. After signing an agreement with Wilkie to introduce mandatory pre-commitment in return for his support the Prime Minister reneges on the deal and commits the government only to a trial of mandatory pre-commitment.

    3. The Australia Day riot. It is revealed that the attack by an angry mob of Aboriginal activists on our nation’s political leaders was actually orchestrated within the Prime Minister’s own office.

    4. Gillard persists with the Malaysian deal no one wants. On 16 June 2011 the Gillard government’s Malaysian people swap is condemned by both houses of parliament. Not once in our history has a government policy been condemned by both houses of parliament. Gillard not only defies the motion but fails to front up to the debate in person.

    5. Debt and deficit. In just four years, Labor has turned a $20 billion surplus into $174 billion in accumulated deficits and $70 billion in net Commonwealth assets into $142 billion of net debt. That’s $6,300 for every Australian man, woman and child.

    6. Craig Thomson affair. To save the Gillard government from the tarnished Member for Dobell an institutional go-slow over the investigation into Craig Thomson is conducted by Fair Work Australia. There are also reports of collusion between the Government and elements of Fair Work Australia over the media management of the affair as well as claims by union secretary Kathy Jackson that there has been political interference in the inquiry.

    7. Persistent leadership instability. After two years in power Gillard is persistently dogged by poor polling and a vengeful Kevin Rudd and his supporters continue to strategically plot a return.

    8. Gillard betrays the Speaker she never really wanted. On 16 September 2010 Gillard refused to back Labor Speaker, Harry Jenkins, to retain his job instead secretly preferring Oakeshott. On 24 November 2011 Jenkins is forced to resign and then overlooked at a subsequent Cabinet reshuffle. Need some text on the appointment of Peter Slipper as speaker – in late 2011 was it ? Stunning deal by PM Gillard. Gone now of course.

    9. Abandoning the Citizen’s Assembly. The promise to introduce a Citizen’s Assembly dissolves after Gillard forms government because of pressure from the Greens. On 7 October 2010 Gillard concedes, `The committee concluded that, inview of the creation of this committee – the proposal for a citizens’ assembly should not be implemented.

    10. East Timor centre abandoned. At a press conference on 7 May 2011 Gillard announces that the East Timor quick fix is now history. Gillard states,`I made it clear that we wanted to build a regional processing centre in another nation in our region, a nation that at the time most likely to be East Timor. As has become increasingly clear, it is unlikely that East Timor will end up hosting such a centre.

    11. Botched release of the Murray Darling basin plan. On 8 October 2010 the Murray Darling plan is released causing uproar in rural communities, made worse when the Water Minister, Tony Burke, persistently refused at the time to meet with farmers to discuss its contents.

    12. Take up rate with the NBN. The NBN increasingly becomes an expensive white elephant. It is over-budget and way behind schedule. It’s only passed 18,000 houses and only 12 per cent of these are actually using fibre. To meet the target of 760,000 houses passed by the end of the year, it will have to pass over 3100 houses a day – or 100 times its performance up till now. Worse still NBN currently has 1300 staff earning on average $148,000 a year, the highest pay of any business in the country. That’s one staff member for every five customers.

    13. Riots in detention centres. Aside from the sheer numbers more graphic evidence of the Gillard government’s inability to control our borders emerges with riots breaking out in the Christmas Island, Villawood and Darwin detention facilities causing millions of dollars of damage to the taxpayer.

    14. Gillard first loss on floor of Parliament. On 29 September 2010, Parliament’s first day back after the election, the Gillard government is defeated on the floor of the House on a vote involving parliamentary procedure -the first time since 1941.

    15. Attack from Labor elder. On 13 October former party elder John Faulkner launches a stinging attack on Labor in which he states, “It is no secret modern Labor is struggling with the perception we are very long on cunning, and very short on courage.

    16. Gillard sends a kid to meetings of the National Security Council. Gillard is accused of “scandalous” disregard for national security amid revelations she sent a former bodyguard to attend highly sensitive security meetings on her behalf.

    17. Cash for Clunkers promise abandoned. On 25 October it is revealed that the start date of January 2011 for Labor’s much ridiculed `Cash for Clunker’s’ program can’t be met.

    18. Opposition to the Paid Parental Leave and the Pension Increase. Reports surface during the 2010 Election campaign indicating that Gillard questioned Labor’s paid parental leave scheme and any increase in the Age Pension in Cabinet.

    19. Unable to stop the boats and the flow of asylum seekers, Gillard establishes or expands immigration detention facilities in every State and Territory in Australia except the ACT. Facilities include those at Curtin, Northam, Scherger, Inverbrackie, Pontville and Darwin. None of this was foreshadowed prior to the election.

    20. A rushed livestock ban with no consultation. Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig and his Department knew of the inhumane treatment of Australian cattle and sheep in the live cattle trade. After being spooked by an ABC TV programme Ludwig first announced an inquiry but then suddenly lurched to a total suspension of the entire trade after a backbench revolt. A $300 million industry which included 700 indigenous employees is jeopardised.

    21. Gillard ignores cost of living pressures. Under this Labor Government there’s been a 66 per cent average increase in electricity prices. There’s been a 39 per cent average increase in gas prices. There’s been a 59 per cent averageincrease in waterprices. There’s been a 31 per cent average increase in education costs and there’sbeen a 20 per cent average increase in health costs.

    22. The mining tax. This tax is really just a success tax on our biggest exports that doesn’t give smaller miners a fair go. To the extent that it increases miners costs here compared to o’seas – investments will walk to the best place.

    23. New GP Super Clinics. Labor promised a grand total of 64 GP Super Clinics, including 23 during the 2010 Election campaign alone. Only 26 are fully operational.

    24. Gillard causes diplomatic embarrassment by lecturing Europe on its economic problems. European leaders baulk at being lectured to by a government that has racked up the four biggest deficits in Australian history.

    25. Gillard loses control of our borders. As at the 21 June 2012 the total number of arrivals since August 2008 was 19,143 while the total number of boats since August 2008 now totals 333. Needs updating.

  4. Add:

    the sequential destruction of trust in long term Superannuation

    2007 – Rudd, campaigning, promises NOT to alter the status quo. In his 1st year, he halves the salary sacrifice cap, then the next year halves it again

    2011 – Gillard/Swan promise to raise the cap again for 55+ year old people – RENIGGED on without acknowledgement

    2012 – Gillard/Swan promise to raise the cap to $35k in 2013. This finally happens, although there is a close, tense period of about 3 months where the idea of re-introducing an exit tax is run up the flagpole. This caused no end of electoral anger and grief

    2013 – Rudd campaigns on NOT changing the system for another 5 years. Given the above history of outright lies and cynical, destructive backflips, who would trust this ?

  5. Thanks Ian and Warwick for giving chapter and verse. I notice that Alan Jones has also had a good go: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PklD0blBnkI

    To sum up, surely there has never been a government in Australia that delivered so little of what it promised. Nor has one ever made so many promises. In every area of government – not just social spending and environment which they see as their forte, but tax, super, boats, transport, communications, even defence. Yet can anyone name anything actually delivered in 6 years except massive deficits, ballooning bureaucracy, and a godawful mess in every policy area bar none?

    Staggering that after all this, 47% of the population will still vote for Rudd, and he is still out there making endless promises – even, as Ian says, the same promises that he made 6 years ago and has already broken at least three times.

    Something is wrong with the set-up when such a proven dud can still score even 40% of the vote. Whatever you think of Abbott and the Libs, how could they possibly do any worse?

    The media should have been calling Labor ministers out consistently when promises were broken, programmes scrapped, or delivery fell short. But only the most spectacular ballsups got publicity. The Opposition should have been doing the same, but it seems they have been scared off by accusations of being “negative”. Being “positive” seems to just mean making more silly promises for spending money we don’t have. Grow up Australia!

  6. @David Brewer

    … a proven dud can still score even 40% of the vote

    That persistent 40% sing an absolutely worshipful hymn to mediocrity. It’s Australia’s dirty little secret

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