Global warming drives New Zealand Fur Seals into South Australian lower lakes to enjoy the fishing

Saw this on the ABC – Fishermen losing out to seals in SA’s lower lakes – global warming has been claimed to cause just about anything – the John Brignell list of several hundreds of things claimed to be caused by GW.

Could the record expansion of Antarctic sea ice – much hyped lately as being due to warming – be driving the critters north?

4 thoughts on “Global warming drives New Zealand Fur Seals into South Australian lower lakes to enjoy the fishing”

  1. Hard luck on the fishermen –

    QUOTE: A commercial fisherman from South Australia’s Coorong says the industry won’t be viable in five years because of a growing population of New Zealand fur seals.
    Garry Hera-Singh has fished the Coorong and lower lakes for 30 years and says he’s never seen so many seals.
    “This morning I was fishing just off Meningie and I would have seen 23 or 24 seals…. There’s at least 250 in the lower lakes and Coorong at the minute.”
    He says the seals are protected and are wreaking havoc on the environment, fishing equipment, bird and fish populations. UNQUOTE

    But of course if the seal numbers were going down instead of up that would be touted as another environmental disaster, further evidence of global warming, the fault of the fisherman for taking the fish, showing the need for greater seal protection yadda yadda

  2. There are small sharks in the Coorong but presumably nothing big enough to threaten the seals. Without that and an abundant supply of fish you can appreciate why the seals like the spot.

    Incidentally Garry Hera-Singh is President of the local fishermen group which has been concerned with sustainable fishing for many years (since his grandfather), so rate his words a higher.

  3. I’m not criticising Mr Hera-Singh, no doubt he’s right about what the seals are doing to his fish catch, and also right that a large part of the blame is special protection given to the seals.

    My point was just that the press would still have found a sob story if the fisherman were on top and the seal numbers were falling.

    That’s the great thing about this “ecology” scam. You can posit any sort of mythical “balance” you like among and between the species in an area, then start meddling to favour one over another so as to “restore ecosystem health”. Funny thing is the measures adopted always seem to shaft human beings and reduce the supply of useful goods and services. But that’s OK for the ecolos – as far as they are concerned, if it hurts it must be doing us good.

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