Release of JFK assassination papers

OT re climate. With this release of papers that might cast new light on some of the mysteries of our time – I thought a blog was worthwhile for readers to add comments around any new “facts” – claims – surprises – to emerge for them. For my part despite reading various books on the assassination over decades plus viewing films & videos – I have never heard of a “bullet hole” in the limo windscreen and ditto never heard the view that Ruby had been a Communist Party member – I thought he had been a Chicago mob foot soldier in his early years. More to add later.

3 thoughts on “Release of JFK assassination papers”

  1. This makes interesting reading
    11 178-10003-10318 10/26/2017 In Part DUVAL78-67 06/00/1975
    [PDF] REPORT INTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION, MISC. (2) BUCHEN, PHIL CASTRO 37 WH ACCESSION 78-67 (UNPROCESSED) Aug/18/2017 Unmarked, but TS elsewhere. Draft. Pages with revisions taped over paragraphs were copied as originally typed and with changes,for preservation purposes. 37
    There was a group that wanted to get rid of Castro and of course there were communists that were opposed to that.

  2. Give the data to Australia’s BoM.
    They are so good at manipulating data, they would probably mount a case for Mother Theresa to have been the assassin.

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