Confession to make – for years I had assumed the BoM weather station in Adelaide at Kent Town was in parkland on the east of the CBD

How wrong I was – the weather instruments are just on a lawn in a commercial area – see pink X – the parklands near Norwood start in bottom left.

This is additional to the post on 11 April 2015 commenting on Fairfax media reports that the Kent Town site has to close in July due to lease running out and the BoM are relocating back onto parklands near the original West Terrace site. I am hoping somebody from Adelaide can send me photos of the new site.
Just found this 26 Mar 2015 Agenda of the Adelaide Park Lands Authority – 14MB pdf. See pages 54-88incl – lots of fascinating information and nuances piled on politically correct nuances.
Anyway – this aerial map sets out the essence.

Would still appreciate any photos of activity at the site.

10 thoughts on “Confession to make – for years I had assumed the BoM weather station in Adelaide at Kent Town was in parkland on the east of the CBD”

  1. Warwick,
    my response seems to have been eaten by the spam filter.

    It has been raining so I haven’t been down to the city yet.

  2. The green space at the bottom left is the front oval of Prince Alfred College. Dequetteville Terrace runs in front of this, and the parklands are the other side of that main road.

  3. Is it just me or are others having trouble with the propaganda re records being constantly made at Kent Street and max temps occurring at 3:30 pm and again at 5:30pm

  4. George Kingston kept rainfall records for nearly 40 years which were tabled in parliament. He lived in Grote Street (lot 322) However the document the State Library sent me gives the location of his records as being 34° 55’34” S 138° 34′ 54.75″ E. This appears to be bang on to the location of the new weather station. Which would be behind the property owned by Charles Todd. Kingston was a member of the statistical society so I’m not sure what association there would be between the two men.

  5. Thanks for adding that historical note that I was not aware of. People who I work with at times have not mentioned this either. Naturally we would be interested to see any new early rain data. I googled – george kingston rainfall data adelaide – and it seems the BoM has/knows of the data. But I do not see it at CDO –
    Here is a bio –
    A mining man.
    There is a published paper quoting his rain records.…7..334C

  6. Thats him and the pamphlet is called;
    “Register of the rainfall kept in Grote-Street, Adelaide … from January 1, 1839, to December 16, 1879”
    Its held in the State Library ID number 11808412

    I assume that Kingston knew Charles Todd because he designed his house at the Adelaide Observatory.

  7. Thanks v much – I have asked the SA State Library if they can scan/send me just the monthly rainfall table. Will let you know what I hear back. Library interloan might help too.

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