2 thoughts on “Closure of 2,000MW Liddell coal fired power station early 2022 is the big issue facing our grid now”

  1. By 2022 Australia’s forced march back to third world conditions will likely see households able to afford to use only a single light during the few hours of the day that electricity is available.
    By then “demand management” brought about by the RET will mean the reliable base load power of coal stations such Liddell just won’t be needed any more?

  2. From recent articles by him I calculate that by 2022 Josh Frydenberg will realise

    Conventional generation = cheaper prices and stable supply
    Renewable generation = expensive electricity and blackouts.

    As for a number of other politicians I don’t believe they are capable of grasping the meaning of such a complex matter. Really, we are in the hands of fools and idiots (judging by their utterances).

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