Perth region gets average August rain by the 15th

No doubt a headline event for the WA Watercorporation. There seems to be errors in the BoM map for example the 100% line should go west from Perth to the coast on basis Swanbourne and Rottnest – see data at AWN map. The brown area NNE of Wagin seems to lack data justification too in stations I can see at the CDO map. For large map.

5 thoughts on “Perth region gets average August rain by the 15th”

  1. I’ll call spurious precision on the map. Even along the SW coast measuring stations are fairly sparse, and non-existent over most of WA.

    In the Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Eucla region for example, they are spreading each of a half dozen stations over thousands, even tens of thousands, of Sq kms.

  2. Rainfall records are so much better than what BoM could ever offer. Most farmers are meticulous in daily rainfall figures, their livelihood depends on it.
    BoM should be forced to do an internet collection of participating farmers, as I believe they do of a small portion of pastoralists and include in the long term data for future reference.
    All my life, I have had to understand the weather, forecasts and hindcasts. I rely on knowing where the rain has fallen, when and how much, precisely. I have a team of seed collectors, so knowing when and where rainfall falls is important to plan ahead for seed collecting. The same applies to many occupations, currently a lot of time is spent on research and failed trips when data has been easily obtainable.
    Fortunately, the fire situation we face in this business, NAFI can give us very detailed fire maps.

  3. Thanks for the link Tom – IMHO WA Govt has bungled “policy” around Wellington Dam for decades. Turning every contortion to avoid the obvious sound proposals from Agritech. But I have no idea why the Feds turned thumbs down on latest WA wacko wish list.

  4. Whenever you hear x jobs will be created, you know it’s taxpayers money subsidizing businesses that aren’t otherwise viable.

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