2 thoughts on “The Australian jumps on errors in Taralga (NSW) temperature recording”

  1. Further investigation of Taralga now spotted at WUWT:


    Among the conclusions is this beauty which speaks to the unreliability of ACORN in general and offers a plausible explanation of the uptrend in average maxima across Australia when minima are not moving:

    “Taralga is one of hundreds of cases from across Australia (many of them ACORN sites) where the change from large Stevenson screens, in use since the late 1800s to small screens caused Tmax (and in some cases Tmin) to abruptly step-up. In a similar way as shown in Figure 5, analysis of many individual sites shows bias increases with the temperature being measured. At sites where the mean or median each side of a screen-change are statistically the same, small screens cause distributions to be skewed; spuriously implying that daily extremes have increased due to the climate.”

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