Coldest ANZAC Day in Canberra for 60 years

13.6 degrees C on 25 April 2012 – 1952 was 13.3, 1939 – 13.2 and 1944 – 11.6.
And this is in the face of constant growth of the Canberra urban heat island (UHI). No doubt this is what we can expect from global warming. Camooweal in NW Queensland is also having chilly times – is anybody aware of other record cold sites ?

Just saw this scenic shot in the Canberra Times – high alpine ridges near Perisher on ANZAC Day – another good pic in the article.

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  1. Well, Chris hope those Sydney-siders were well wrapped up the service. Have to wonder if that same cold Sydney air caused that lady’s fingers to numb and get stuck in the ATM machine, what a strange call-out for the fire-fighters. Anyway, across the ditch in Whangarei (supposedly) “The Winterless North” the temperature was only 10.4.

  2. Warwick, this is climate change. All the heat that should be here has run off to the poles and is making life miserable for polar bears and penguins.

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  4. About a week after the ANZAC Day Big Chill we hear that yesterday was the coldest day yet for 2012. While that is not surprising, what is a bit of a shock is the Weather Watch report of frosts around the Auckland area as well as in Northland even. Frosts around these places normally occur rarely – and if at all are in Mid-winter and usually a couple of days at the most. A bit of a worry, after the snow flurries of 2011. News item from NZ Herald

  5. Further to the above, our April was bad enough, but May has been about as chilly as the atmosphere would have been in your Labour Caucus meetings. Early am ice on the wind-screens and we are supposedly on an Urban Heat Island. Now awaiting this high to cross the Tasman for our upcoming long weekend. First day of Winter – tomorrow ??!

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