Early April – Easter snow around Canberra

Just seen on ABC online news with a good photo from Tinderry 50km south Canberra.
Does anybody have info as to how long ago since we had snow this early ?

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  • MarcH

    Last year?
    Gidday Marc – around Canberra the last ref I can see is this – Snow falls on Canberra’s ranges, 28-April-2008 – on Youtube
    Trying google for – april snow brindabelllas – gets nothing closer.
    All be gone soon.

  • MarcH

    look like another good ski season ahead.

  • […] Early April – Easter snow around Canberra […]

  • Douglas Hoyt

    When I climbed Mount Kosciuszko in February 1974, there was snow on the ground. People said it was unusual.

  • Graeme Inkster

    All I could find was a vague suggestion that snow occurred in Canberra in April 1951, 1986 and 2005. But nothing definite at all. There was April 5, 1951 – report from Kiandra that countryside for miles around was underneath 4 inches of snow. But minimum temp. in Canberra was 7C, so unlikely any snow there.

    At the back of my mind is that someone looking at the proposed site for Canberra in winter claimed, disapprovingly, that it was snow covered. But that would be 90-100 years ago. Early settler in Canberra when it opened for business, possibly in journalism, in autobiography. Can’t remember more, and in any case that could well have been July.

  • Graeme Inkster

    1960, 1929 and 1887 seem to have been the coldest years in Canberra, but no specific mention of snow in April.

    3 snowfalls in winter in 1929. Comment that the heaviest fall in August (24th) was the first recorded for that month, but less than fell in 1887.

    Has Al Gore snuck into Canberra to advise Julia?

  • Ed Thurstan

    I was planting some fence posts just south of Jindabyne in 1975. Lovely day, warm sun, dressed in shorts and singlet. Then a bloody great dump of snow came from the SW. 5km from the house. nearly froze.


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