Meandering solar cycle 23 to 24 transition

Ten months have passed since my last post on the slow transition between solar cycles 23 & 24 and my graphics series showing the utter failure of the April 2007 NASA/NOAA prediction. Seems just yesterday but it was Dec 2006 when we first talked about a slow transition to a cooler cycle 24.
Trying this new graphic (data from SWO) it looks to me as though cycle 23 is not yet out of the woods.
Solar cycle 23 to 24 transition
I must dig out the latest NASA/NOAA prediction and track this later in the year.
Currently at the web pages they talk about a very quiet sun.

5 thoughts on “Meandering solar cycle 23 to 24 transition”

  1. Thanks for the new post.

    Apologists for IPCC, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), NASA, mainstream science, and the SSM (Standard Solar Model) of the Sun as a giant ball of hydrogen seem to be getting worried that the Sun has stubbornly refused to follow their predictions.

    Regarding the recent solar minimum, Leif Svalgaard and coauthors report that the joint flux variations of different microwave frequencies, “total solar irradiance (TSI), and sunspot number do not follow the patterns expected for TSI variability in maximum periods.”

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. Will Livingston and Penn be correct in that the intensity of sunspots is declining so by 2015 there will not be any! Looks like another la nina is building, ocean heat content is dropping and upper atmosphere is cooling – and our government s are spending billions on the non existent warming!

  3. Warwick. Can you please do an update of the graph that you last produced on July 3rd 2009. You could if you like add in the latest NOAA/NASA prediction(s) to show how they keep changing, but it is not essential. Your posts and graphs are welcomed and are compulsory reading around here.

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