Amazing Australian State Government action to deal with “climate change denialism”

Talk about running scared.
CSIRO Holper poster
We hope many Victorian public servants will vote with their feet and enjoy their lunch hour normally on the 18th June 2010.
DSE is Dept of Sustainability and Environment I think. Pre our current fairy story world the Dept might have been more sensibly named Forests and Lands.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Australian State Government action to deal with “climate change denialism””

  1. I especially like the part about, “denialist views often lack rigor and credibility in comparison.

    The “often” is nice, because it grants them a plausible claim of reasoned, only partial, dismissal, when faced with examples of rigorous skeptics, such as John Christy or Chris Essex. Or Ross McKitrick. Or Richard Lindzen. Or David Legates. Or Roy Spencer. Or you, for that matter, Warwick. [list not exhaustive]

    Skeptical scientists tend to be quite rigorous in offering their objections to predictions of catastrophic CO2-induced warming. Their points are not discredited in any scientific sense. They’re merely and studiously ignored by the likes of Paul Holper.

    And non-scientific CO2 skeptics are no more lacking in rigor than non-scientific CO2 alarm-ringers.

    That whole “denialist” phrase tells us far more about the skewed attitude of its author than anything about justification for a skeptical judgment.

  2. I do hope some sceptics are planning to attend – if not to ask some awkward questions then at least to report on what is said.

  3. Great idea, Annabelle. Also, It would be interesting to hear what he had to say about how the CSIRO arrived at some of the data and conclusions it has published in its reports, especially in the latest one, ‘State of the Climate’.

    By the way, check the spelling and grammar on the leaflet.
    I thought it would be ‘wavers’, not ‘waivers’, and ‘rigour’, not ‘rigor’ (which is US).
    ‘The Victorian Government, along with other governments in Australia and across the world, rely’? – you mean ‘relies’.

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