Is the US Dept of Energy still funding Professor Phil Jones ?

We have known for decades that the DoE has funded Jones et al research from day one – probably in 1979; download the original papers and see the DoE contacts acknowledged.
I have not yet found out what the annual payments were from 1979-1994 but we know from DoE web pages that payments were in the 175-$200,000 range each year for the 12 years from 1995-2006.
Register Number: ER62601
Title: Climate Data Analysis and Models for the Study of Natural Variability and Anthropogenic Change
Principal Investigator: Jones, Phil D
Institution: University of East Anglia
Institution Address: School of Environmental Sciences
Awarded Amount to Date and B&R Code :
FY 2006 $178 k KP120101
FY 2005 $175 k KP120101
FY 2004 $173 k KP120101
FY 2003 $180 k KP120101
FY 2002 $180 k KP120101
FY 2001 $180 k KP120101
FY 2000 $180 k KP120101
FY 1999 $174 k KP120101
FY 1998 $170 k KP120101
The three previous years are at this page (I have cut out years post 1997 which recorded zero or nominal funding.
Register Number: ER60397
Title: Detection of Greenhouse-Gas-Induced Climate Change
Principal Investigator: Jones, Phil D
Institution: University of East Anglia
Institution Address: School of Environmental Sciences
Principal Investigator: Wigley, Tom M
Institution: University of East Anglia
Institution Address: School of Environmental Sciences
Awarded Amount to Date and B&R Code :
FY 1997 $200 k KP120101
FY 1996 $198 k KP120101
FY 1995 $192 k KP120101
We also know that Brohan et al 2006 acknowledges grant DE-FG02-98ER62601 so it is likely the DoE has funded Jones et al post 2006. I have asked questions of the DoE but I think it is time all this information was widely known.
In my opinion it is vital the DoE cease funding Jones et al, CRU or the UKMO directly or indirectly. I believe that in time this 30 year waste of USA taxpayers money will be seen as an example of the WRONG model for the funding of science.
Remember that the DoE has provided this circa $5million + of funding amazingly WITHOUT requiring that Phil Jones provide data back to the DoE.
Can you believe that !!
Here is an extract from an email from the DoE to me from October 2005.
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005
Subject: Re: Station data required for 1856-2004 Jones et al
Dear Warwick,
Unfortunately, our data center does not have any of the six
requested items. You will need to contact Phil directly. I spoke today with the DOE program manager who indicated Phil was not obligated under the conditions of past or present DOE proposal awards to provide these items to CDIAC.
I regret we cannot furnish the materials you seek.

4 thoughts on “Is the US Dept of Energy still funding Professor Phil Jones ?”

  1. Warwick

    As the adage goes:-“he who pays the piper, calls the tune”

    I guess in light of the recent revelations ( Climategate, Glaciergate & some aspects of the GISS data), it would appear that
    the incentive is strong to maintain a position in the Top 40!

    The lyrics are starting to wear a bit thin though.

  2. I have had no reply from the DoE.
    How about some US citizens see if they can get some answers. Here is what I faxed under my letterhead;
    U.S. Department of Energy,
    Office of Biological & Environmental Research,
    Climate and Environmental Sciences Division,
    1000 Independence Ave., SW
    Washington, DC 20585-1290
    Fax: (301) 903-8519

    2nd February 2010

    Attention: Dr. Wanda Ferrell, Acting Director
    DoE funding of climate research

    Dear Acting Director, (already sent to your email)

    I was hoping you could answer four questions re the DoE funding of climate science.

    [1] Can I please ask you what is happening right now with DoE contracts that have been running for over 30 years – funding Professor Phillip D. Jones global temperature and climate studies at the Climate Research Unit – University of East Anglia ? Is Professor Phillip D. Jones still in receipt of DoE funding ? Or has DoE funding ceased ?

    The latest contract I have seen publically referred to is DE-FG02-98ER62601 which is quoted in the 2006 paper mainly by UKMO Hadley Centre people, “Uncertainty estimates in regional and global observed temperature changes: a new dataset from 1850″P. Brohan, J. J. Kennedy, I. Harris, S. F. B. Tett & P. D. Jones
    Downloadable pdf paper here – see page 26 of 35 pdf numbering;

    I notice at one of your web pages details for contract ER62601;
    details of this contract at circa $176,000 per year for nine years from 1998 – 2006.

    [2] Can you please let me know if the funding under DE-FG02-98ER62601 is still continuing ? And if it has ceased – when did it cease please ?

    [3] Has the DoE been funding any staff or scientists attached at the UK Met Office or the Hadley Centre from 2004 to the present day ?

    Going back three years from 1998, I see at this web page of yours re contract ER60397;
    Funding for Jones, Phil D of circa 192-$200,000 per year for the 3 years 1995-1997. So we now have funding established for Professor Phillip D. Jones for the 12 years 1995-2006.

    Looking further back into the history of DoE funding of Professor Phillip D. Jones I find from his published papers references to the following DoE contracts starting I think in 1979.

    1986 Jones et al Northern Hemisphere paper plus TR022 book DE-AC02-79EV10098 and DE-AC02-81EV10739

    1986 Jones et al Southern Hemisphere paper plus TR027 book DE-AC02-79EV10098 and DE-FG02-86-ER60397

    1991 Jones et al Martin Marietta compilation at CDIAC ORNL DE-AC05-84OR21400

    1994 Jones update DE-FG02-86ER60397

    [4] Is it possible you could please let me have – or direct me to a source – where I can find the amount of annual funding for Professor Phillip D. Jones for the years 1979-1994.

    Many thanks for your patience – and please let me know if there is any further information you require.

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