Graziers forced off Mount Morris Station near Charleville – carbon farming is part of the financial issue

Last May I tried to get a grip on the circumstances at Mount Morris Station – News from the world of carbon farming – Charleville property sold up by bank despite carbon farming project.
A reader has just sent this link from the Chronicle in Toowoomba last October – Stuart family forced off Mount Morris – but not a word mentioned about carbon farming. The 20th May 2014 article in The Australian quotes the bank with their reservations about the very long term nature of the carbon farming agreements. But there must be more than that concerning the bank. Income is income – so what if it runs for a very long time – why would a bank not like that?
If anybody has any further information please let us know.

What do readers think about media reporting of the Adelaide hills bushfires over the last week

My impressions have been mainly from the ABC 24Hrs TV –
Little comment about the often large fuel loads shown in vision – grass thigh high – to what extent were the fires just natures hazard reduction burns a bit late.
Ludicrous comparisons to Ash Wednesday –
Rare and poor use of illegible map, I only ever saw one map, the reporters seem cartographically very limited –
Use of old footage without time/date stamp saying it is old –
One reporter at Montacute showed the same scene of smoke in far distance for days without any guide to viewers as to directions – where was north etc –
Too much reporting of the Premier – IMHO viewers want to hear from fire experts –
Days passed before we heard of the larger water bombers –
I recall a young lady reporter on a hilltop – was it Monday or Tuesday referring to six properties up there but the broadcast scene showed little evidence of fire and the camera never panned around – do reporters get sent out without a camera operator ?
The issue of not being able to get a count on lost homes went on for days.
At a time Wednesday late afternoon when BoM radar showed useful rain moving through the fire area – news services were v slow to mention the rain –
But the inevitable whinge about slippery tracks had to appear later.
I see Judith Sloan at Catallaxy has a post – Wrong again: journalistic standards fall even lower – on the issue of the PM being in Iraq at the time of the fires.

Wollongong Council says sea level rise not affecting utility of their coastal swimming pools

Recall that about a month ago I posted – No evidence of warmer summers from Wollongong City Council swimming pool attendance figures
At that time I emailed Wollongong Council to ask about historic survey data re heights of their ocean pool walls – for my questions click on more below. Just got a reply saying – [Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately information on height of walls with respect to historical mean sea level is not available.
Any actual effects on the utility of pools have not been observed other than storm impacts.]
If anybody has ideas to access historic coastal survey data? Must be data in archives – I am sure our pioneers measured and recorded exactly where they were and where they built things on the planet. Continue reading

A quick look at a few climate related issues as 2015 starts

Sun spot numbers have for nine months now been forming a shoulder in the 60 to 90(RI) range – November RI number was 70.1 and December 78.
Sunspot chart updated through December –

The much predicted and ballyhooed 2014 El Nino hopes remain just that – warmista dreams – as SOI numbers remain as I said muddling around beneath the El Nino threshold. No one doubts another El Nino will arive sometime – but despite the $Billions spent on warmista climate research facts are nobody knows when the next El Nino arrives. Note: The Nov 2014 post has been listed private because it turned out to be a spam magnet attracting 5,000+ per day spam comments. Who understands it.

The BoM has jumped out of the blocks to say 2014 was the third hottest year for Australia after 2013 and 2005. Of course it helps to realize the BoM is talking about their stroked tweaked and warmed ACORN data series. You can make maps at this BoM site but it is AWAP data not ACORN I think. Note how 2005 map is blighted with the “National Night Time Hotspot” in the SW of NT. Love that error ridden BoM data.
The ABC has an article where you can load annual mean temperature decile maps going back 100 years.
But RSS satellites are saying the 36 year trend for Australia warms less than the Indian Ocean. Fascinating.

US Senate quietly and quickly extends taxpayer protection to giant bank Citigroup

Dear old Citigroup – key at the formation of the deceptively named US Federal Reserve in 1913 – played its role in the 1929 and 2008 crashes – biggest ever recipient of taxpayer bailout funds – and now with its hand in taxpayers pockets again. Pam Martens reports – Meet Your Newest Legislator: Citigroup and Alasdair Macleod relates this new legislative move to the truly colossal global derivatives market which he reports amounted to $691 trillion at the end of last June, about nine times the global GDP. Digest the implications of that. I wonder what the collapse in the oil price will do to derivatives?
And I wonder how deep Citigroup is into carbon derivatives?

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations