In several ways the Turnbull Govt has already taken Australia sharply to the left – conservatives need a plan

Although it is only two weeks since the Malcolm Turnbull coup de etat the leftward turn in the direction of Australia is obvious.
[1] Picking an inexperienced defense minister.
[2] PM’s statement “…without “waging war with unions”
[3] Cuddling up to the renewable energy sector again.
[4] New naval ships – surface units and submarines will be built in Adelaide again after the disasters of the Collins Class dud submarines. Paying too much again for inferior ships just to appease SA electorates.
[5] Senator Fifield glowing praise for the leftwing propagandist ABC.
[6] A fair bit of silence on what Turnbull will do about the China Australia free trade agreement ChAFTA – China has already warned that time for ratification is ticking away – while Labor wants to extract some price in the Senate.
[7] Australia announcing it is running for a seat on the UN Security Council in 2029 – 2029!!!! what a ridiculous bad joke.
[8] Trying to join UN Human Rights Committee collection of noted democratic countries – China, Congo, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. – What a disgusting bad joke.
[9] Heading for capitulation to IPCC line at Paris UN climate conference end year
[10] The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption (TURC) obviously heading for winding up at end year – despite reams of evidence of various unions criminal activities and wrongdoing.
[11] Inviting unions to Canberra conference today in the face of evidence at the TURC.
[12] I am waiting for borders to be weakened.
[13] The Adani coal project in Queensland put in legal limbo by Federal Dept of Environment incompetence – must now be near doomed under Turnbull.

IMHO the new Australian Liberty Alliance could well be a viable alternative for conservatives looking for an effective place for their first preference vote in the senate – then bring your prefs back to the Nationals – Liberals. The ALA could also pick up votes already going to disparate christian and right of centre senate groups – ALA could remake the senate if they can get effective spokespeople – despite the main stream media will unite against them. Added 4 Oct – events landsliding in favour of ALA – yet there are few signs they are awake.

Another ABC anti-mining beat up fearmongering about a cyanide spill from the closed Texas silver mine in SE Queensland

Three ABC articles – radio7.30 Report.
Looks from the air like a normal open cut – heap leach site – all works would have been approved by Mines Dept.

It would cost many millions of dollars to replicate the engineering works at this established silver mining site – the silver price in AU$ shows signs of forming a bottom – the site could well open again when economic conditions improve for silver. So the site should be regarded as a valuable State asset.
2008 aerial view with labels

The Dept is holding a $2million bond which would be way in excess of some precautionary dam works to confine any runoff.
It is not apparent from the aerials where there is a pond in danger of spilling.
If any readers are local to Texas – they might have more information – presumably the site is managed by a caretaker as there must be much valuable gear there. As Beachgirl said at comment 8 – the ABC talks big about cyanide yet the Qld Mines Dept say cyanide levels are […less than “the level for release to surface waters cited in the International Cyanide Management Code”.]
So as usual the truth is in short supply whereas anti-mining propaganda is beaten up big time.
This presumably is the previous operator.

So Minister Greg Hunt ‘killed’ the excellent idea from Tony Abbott’s department for a Bureau of Meteorology review

Now I suppose we are stuck for evah with these insane year after year, after year, after year, after year errors by the ignorant BoM for evah.

On the other hand maybe it is just by chance true that the hottest night-time temperature anomaly across all Australia – just so happened to be at the same outback airstrip in the Northern Territory every year from 2002 to 2007 incl. Yair that makes sense – must make sense to the idiot BoM.
The ABC reports here and here – Jo Nova reports on an expose of massively corrupted BoM data.

Anti-mining beat up is #1 story on ABC

The story ignores much of the reality about our mining history –

for example new mines are often discovered near old worked out orebodies. So it is far more efficient in many cases for society to leave the sites alone so mineral exploration can get on with business unhindered.
Sites such as that pictured with old plant still standing can in many cases make attractive tourist stops – they go to make up our history and form part of our industrial heritage. Speaking mainly of metal mining – open cut coal mining does affect larger areas but over the whole country the area affected by mining is miniscule at around 0.3% – big deal. Mined areas are mostly way in the boondocks and on any rational list of our national problems would have to rate much lower than this article is beating up.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations