How monthly AEMO electricity prices are rising

The chart is from data at AEMO Average Price Tables – and shows prices rising from the brief period of stability post June 2014 after the Carbon Tax was abolished.

The closure of the last coal fired generation in South Australia in May 2016 preceded the price explosion in June. Then in July the “Safeguard Mechanism” administered by the Clean Energy Regulator kicks in and is designed to make large emitters purchase Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) if their emissions exceed a baseline. So that would tend to add costs which probably pass on into electricity prices. It is intriguing that while NSW, Qld and SA have seen firm prices in Spring 2016 compared to pre-May – Vic prices have weakened. The reasons for the spikes in Qld prices late 2014 to early 2015 and again in Feb 2016 are not known but operational shutdowns could be a cause. Check NemWatch for realtime generation.

Australian Govt. gifts votes to Pauline Hanson One Nation

The Pauline Hanson One Nation party (PHON) is the only party with a rational climate/carbon/electricity price policy – see points 1 to 6.
Electricity prices are unstable and rising. Check out how this morning at about 6.20am wholesale AEMO RRP prices jumped in NSW, Qld, SA even Tas, why did Vic price not reflect whatever happened? Choose the 5min data. The pictured article is from the ABC. ABC explains carbon tax history.

Return of $14,000 per MWh nightmare electricity prices to South Australia

Bit of a wind drought drives AEMO RRP into the stratosphere in SA – the interconnectors must be humming. Check button for SA and you can toggle between 30min and 5min data graphic.
At $14,000 per MWh generator bikes would be viable earners.
NemWatch shows SA wind at 4MW. Wind across SA, Vic, NSW, WA(200MW) only 332MW.
Added 11.15am 1 Dec – Jut noticed this – Blackout affects thousands in SA, blamed on supply loss in Victoria 1 Dec 2016
For my updated chart of daily AEMO RRP across four states.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations