Lima climate talks decide to meet again in Paris next year – looks to me like a triumph for the Australian position

For the umpteenth time over the decades these money wasting UN IPCC climate talks fail to agree on anything meaningful – only to meet again at some expensive location – global airlines cheer. With China increasing emissions until 2030 at least – and India, rest of Asia plus 3rd world trying to catch China – nothing much anybody else does means squat. In the meantime – in the real world – oil prices are crashing making it cheaper to contribute carbon dioxide plant food into the global carbon cycle.

December has been a fail for BoM 70% prediction of El Nino as SOI rises and eastern Australia gets rain

For all of 2014 now an assortment of warmists have sounded fanfares about the upcoming El Nino – even “Super El Nino” – prayer mats out begging the weather gods to deliver them a year hotter than 1998. But both the 30 & 90 day SOI has been rising for a month – nothing is surer than another El Nino will lurch onto the stage sometime – just has not obliged warmists by turning up this year. Rain for December.

No evidence of warmer summers from Wollongong City Council swimming pool attendance figures

I saw this news about repairs to the ocean pool at Austinmer north of Wollongong. I have been interested for a while in the issue of the height of the oldest ocean pool walls and how they might relate to historic survey heights and modern survey heights – on the basis there should be another line of evidence here establishing the rate of sea level rise over a century or more.
Wollongong City Council have www page about their pools and there is a downloadable 9 page pdf report – Future of Our Pools Strategy 2014-2024 –
I thought – surely there must be comments here about sea level rise. Not so – not a word about sharks hoiking themselves over the walls during King tides and carrying off the odd swimmer. But I noticed this gem at the end of a string of bullet points on page 7 –

And earlier in the report was this graphic showing declining attendance figures –

All seems logical to me.

CFMEU shuts down an ALDI building site in Melbourne Australia – a supermarket chain that has saved shoppers how many hundred $Millions?

The ironies are rich in this story – last weekend Victoria elected a Labor State Govt lead by a lawyer now Premier Daniel Andrews who has links to the CFMEU.
Last week ex TWU official Wade Noonan was appointed Police Minister – so it is hard to see Vic Police being any more energetic in enforcing peoples rights to enter worksites and earn a living.
Now the Herald-Sun reports – CFMEU blockade shuts down Aldi building site –
In August I posted – Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Why on earth are we sending two cabinet ministers to the Lima climate conference when we could have accredited a departmental janitor

This Fairfax beatup claiming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has “gone bananas” at Prime Minister Abbott for sending Trade Minister Robb to accompany her at the Lima Climate Conference – is just another example of irresolute see-sawing policy shambles by the Abbott Govt. Absolutely no need to send anybody of Cabinet rank – some lowly apparatchik would have been fine. Interesting the ABC is slow to discover their version of this “story”.

US Senate investigation exposes how JPMorgan gamed $Billions out of California electricity consumers

Why would we be surprised at $Billions being ripped of power consumers by Wall Street insiders – “Wall Street On Parade” reports JPMorgan Rushed to Hire Trader Who Suggested on His Resume That He Knew How to Game Electric Markets – Note that this ripping off of electricity consumers was only detected during other Senate investigations.
This is one of the reasons many sceptics oppose carbon pricing in its various forms – that it will inevitably lead to sharp practices, illegalities and rorting of the system at the expense of mug taxpayers.

Saudis oil pumping crashes oil price kneecapping the Iranian economy – how do the Teheran Mullahs pay to build those nukes now?

World oil price collapsing 28 Nov 2014 –
We have all seen the news a week ago how the West plus Russia and China agreed to delay until mid-2015 talks over Iran’s nuclear production capabilities. – Iranian nuclear negotiations deadline postponed
The West is so weak the Iranians would be laughing if it was not for vanishing oil export income constraining their violent National ambitions. The Russian Ruble is not being helped by the oil price either. Russia Warns Of Recession Next Year
Meanwhile the IAF will be reviewing and improving its future mission.
David Archibald’s new book – Twilight of Abundance – has much of interest on Iran who must import food to feed its population – how is that going with oil prices rooted? The Saudis ability to pump oil at these prices confirms them as the powerbrokers in the middle east. Currency charts from

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations