South Australia adopts a 50% renewables target for 2025 – propped up by interstate coal fired generators

The SA State Govt elected with only 47% of the two party preferred vote due to the gerrymandered electoral system – now crows about adopting a target of 50% renewable energy by 2025. SA has gone heavily into wind power and the only way this 2015 target is even remotely possible is on the back of reliable grid electricity from interstate coal fired generators.
It is a shame that the other states would not sever the grid at the Vic border – leave the South Australian Labor Govt to figure out how to generate electricity on their own.

Australia should leave the UN – pull out of all UN treaties – save the money

Media reports the UN saying – “Coal has no future in the world’s energy mix”
When did the UN do anything useful?
What does it cost? Was it always just another sneaky Fabian plan to promote the notion of a World Government?

Amazing that amid prosperity the New Zealand Government can not win half of the vote in general election

In a violence ridden world where many major economies are debt ridden and performing poorly – the trajectory of the Chinese economy is uncertain – yet the prosperity experienced in the relative paradise of New Zealand is not sufficient to get half the nation voting for the government.
Made this chart of NZ elections history – I had forgotten how long lived Social Credit was – and how those votes transferred into the shifting array of minor parties.

Global warming drives New Zealand Fur Seals into South Australian lower lakes to enjoy the fishing

Saw this on the ABC – Fishermen losing out to seals in SA’s lower lakes – global warming has been claimed to cause just about anything – the John Brignell list of several hundreds of things claimed to be caused by GW.

Could the record expansion of Antarctic sea ice – much hyped lately as being due to warming – be driving the critters north?

Is the Australian landscape in such a bad condition that we should be paying out multi-$Billions on tree planting etc?

Seeing this article – Former Governor General calls for Cabinet shakeup on land management – spruiking Greening Australia got me thinking about if we really need another group to improve or care for the landscape. It seems to me that there is a plethora of groups such as Landcare – Caring for our Country – now we hear of Green Army – etc etc all doing much the same sort of things.
Yet all along nature has been greening Australia with the help of rising carbon dioxide levels – according to the CSIRO. The CSIRO has documented large increases in native vegetation over vast areas of Australia.

In central NSW I notice much evidence of bush returning to what were cleared paddocks – this is even obvious from the Barton Highway between Canberra and Yass.
In 27 months from July 2012 to September 2014 Caring for our Country has received 682 grants totalling $1.104Billion dollars – while total grants from the Dept of Environment were $3.063Billion. I would bet that the increase in native vegetation documented by CSIRO would absolutely dwarf any increase due to the environmental work being sponsored by the Dept of Environment at great cost to taxpayers. In other words many of these grants are probably mostly just a waste of money and should be drastically cut back.

GreenLabor Govt prudent management of $1.824Billion in Dept of Environment grants in five months run up to Sep 2013 Federal Election

List of grants let by the Department of the Environment
Under the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines the Department is required to publish details of all grants provided by the Department.

Some months are inflated by water buybacks – which seem to me very different from other grants – these I have noted on the chart as W with the value in $Millions.
The five months before election averaged $364Million per month.
I have written in the past on grants.
Download the entire 27 months of ~$3Billion worth of grants in one combined xls file (Excel97) Search and enjoy.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology ACORN warming adjustments to Giles Met Station data do not stand up to scrutiny

The BoM has just this month added a downloadable table of ACORN adjustments to their www site. Giles was established as a purpose built meteorological station in 1956 – I read where its origins relate to Defence – Woomera rocket range. The site has never moved yet the BoM found a statistical reason to add warming to Giles minimum data with a -0.48° adjustment prior to 1 Jan 1998.
The BoM list 10 stations used to compare with Giles to arrive at their warming adjustment on 1/1/1998
1/1/1998 Statistical adjustment
Warburton Airfield 13011 – W
Watarrka 15652 – Wat
Carnegie 13015 – C
Uluru Rangers 15660 – U
Kulgera 15603 – K
Telfer Aero 13030 – T
Yulara Airport 15635 – Y
Marla Police Station 16085 – MPS
Coober Pedy Airport 16090 – CP
Curtin Springs 15511 – CS
This map shows the above 10 stations as well as other stations used to justify time of obs adjustments in 1964 and 1978 which I am not addressing specifically here – some stations are in more than one list. Abbreviations for the sites are after the BoM station number.
1978 Time of Obs adjustment
Warburton Airfield 13011 – W
Ayers Rock 15527 – hidden on map by Uluru Rangers
Telfer Aero 13030 – T
Ernabella 16013 – E
Newman 7151 – N
Curtin Springs 15511 – CS
Sand Hill 5064 – SH
1964 Time of Obs adjustment
Maralinga 18114 – Ma
Mundiwindi 7062 – M
Cook 18110 – Co

In the 1/1/1998 Statistical adjustment list – at least two stations are so low quality with huge gaps that I am amazed the BoM would use them to make changes to data from the purpose built – 24/7 professionally staffed Giles Met Office.
Warburton Airfield – comments on graphic from the Climate Data Online BoM site – just type in station numbers –

Uluru Rangers – once again so gap ridden it is staggering the BoM would use such low quality data to alter thousands of readings from the purpose built – 24/7 professionally staffed Giles Met Office.

There is more – most of these comparison stations are so far from Giles that there is no validity in the comparisons – some like Telfer and Newman are in a different climate zone. In 1991 when the BoM critiqued a paper of mine they said that Charleville and Cunnamulla were not neighbours and that “Regional differences in climate would present a major uncertainty in some of the conclusions drawn from the comparisons.” Readers can see from the map how far Charleville is from Cunnamulla – far closer than most of the BoM comparisons with Giles. BoM hypocrisy level is high.

Summer snow hits Calgary

Here’s what summer snow looks like – says the Calgary Herald
Hopefully somebody who knows Canada can put this in perspective.

Sydney rain in August contrary to Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks – which predicted Sydney to be drier than normal

Two consecutive BoM rain Outlooks are shown – both are shown to be hopelessly wrong for the Sydney region by the heavy August rain there.

Sackings at the BoM and ceasing these unreliable Outlooks would save some taxpayers money.

Kiwis are saying “foreign submarines” are invading their Exclusive Economic Zone

The Fairfax owned NZ Herald reports – Subs ‘sneaking in’
I read where there is an election on over there soon.
Here is a map of the NZ EEZ.