RSS satellites find Australian lower troposphere anomalously cool during March 2014 – BoM surface data finds a warm anomaly

RSS finds the same general shape as the BoM mean anomaly – when you make a mean anomaly map for March at the BoM you see Perth and Hobart were warmest.

The Time Series chart shows the BoM anomaly was about +0.75 degrees. Fascinating that there should be such a difference with RSS – considering the lower troposphere is such a gossamer thin skin when considered on the scale of our wide brown land.
Interesting too that RSS found all three southern hemisphere land masses were cool in March. I bet the big surface datasets will not agree.

BoM says re Hobart on 1st April 2014, “..31 degrees Celsius was the hottest April day since records started in 1881.”, but history shows sites nearby experienced several relatively hotter events

The ABC reports – Records melt as Hobart swelters through hottest April day in 132 years -
Checking hottest April day statistics at this BoM page – just amend the station number in the URL.
Checking daily data a month at a time in District 94 on Australian Weather News AWN – April 2005 at AWN shows the two hot days on 1st & 2nd.

The article could have been more balanced by pointing out other hotter events in the very small and variable District 94. IMHO Tuesday was just another early April hot day where the peak max happened to fall at central Hobart. I wonder if we should expect more balance from our scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology.
Make anomaly maps for any day you choose at this BoM page.

New South Wales politicians surrounding the A.C.T. do not want Canberra’s wind farms in NSW

The ACT Government wants to source 200 megawats of power from wind farms in surrounding NSW to power 80,000 Canberra homes by 2020.

It is part of the Government’s target of generating 90 per cent of Canberra’s energy from renewable sources within the next six years.
If all of this wind farm development takes place – it still leaves the ACT reliant on NSW coal fired electricity. That’s the reality.

I note the ACT Chief Minister says there is no room in the ACT for these wind farms. I thought the ACT had plenty of high country that would be windy – what do readers think?

ABC says – “Wave energy company Oceanlinx in administration”

Ran into trouble at Carrickalinga south of Adelaide while being towed to Port Macdonnell near Mount Gambier. I wonder how much taxpayers money has gone into these wave energy ventures over a decade or so – does anybody keep a tally?
How about a successful working project somewhere?

IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum

I had a quick look at presentation of the latest Climate Change IPCC 2013 Update. In 2.1 they say about global temperatures – “They also have ….likely been the warmest in the last 1400 years even if the rate of warming over the last 15 years is smaller than the rate since the 1950s.” Likely is a 66 – 100% probability. So the IPCC re-annoints the “hockey-stick” graph of global temperatures despite the published destruction done to it.

IPCC wakes up at long last – Biofuels do more harm than good

Amazing – after sceptics have been warning of this for years.
The sooner the IPCC is disbanded the better off the world will be.

Australian Antarctic bases Davis and Mawson beset by ice

The first map from the AAD gives an idea how far the Aurora Australis had to stand off Davis to fly helicopters – and we are only at the autumn equinox. Note too the current search area for debris ex MH370 is on that map.

The daily sitreps from the ship Aurora Australis – Webcams page – The Cryosphere Today source of satellite sea ice extent image -

Southern Hemisphere sea ice area looks healthy

Thai Air Force now say they detected an aircraft on radar 8 March 2014 that may have been MH370

You have to pinch yourself. Is this one of the most amazing revelations?
SMH says – Malaysia Airlines missing jet: Thailand gives radar data 10 days after plane lost – 19 March 2014
I wonder what IAATA will think of this entire shambles.
Thai air force spokesman Air Vice Marshal Montol Suchookorn said – “…Malaysia’s initial request for information in the early days of the search was not specific.”
Can anybody recall an example to rival this for non co-operation?

NOAA speaks with various maps to show February temperatures over the USA 48

I saw this issue at Anthony Watts which was from Joe D’Aleo – commenting on the less than stellar NOAA map. Which several commenters seemed to distrust.

Curiosity got me looking in NOAA for the original – which I did not find – but I found this map below which gives a more balanced view of February temperature anomalies if you examine it.

For example the orange warmest division is only plus 7.2 while there are several very cool divisions dark blue with anomalies as cool as minus 12. The USA 48 had a cool anomaly for Feb 2014. Can anybody explain why the Ranks map should be so different to the Anomalies map?

East Timor economic zone border dispute with Australia

A tangled issue now with allegations of spying and the ABC Four Corners show – Drawing the Line. In the transcript the word “trench” is not used and Alexander Downer says “continental shelf” once.
There are plenty of noisy GreenLeft groups in our media pushing the East Timor case for the border to be half way between the two countries. This map shows how various borders are at present – Australia’s Maritime Jurisdiction in the Timor Sea [PDF 39MB].

One factor that has long been considered in setting maritime borders is the submarine geology. In this case it is the destiny of East Timor to be very near the Timor Trench as this map shows. Whereas Australia has the broad continental shelf to claim – where the oil and gas deposits are.

The group Timor Sea Justice Campaign ignores submarine topography in their map.