Claim only four lemuroid possums found in the Daintree since 2005

I noticed this “lemuroid ringtail possum” story over at Anthony Watts.
It is something I wrote about in 2008 -
“Poster child for climate change” – you be the judge

and again December 2013 -
Recycled five year old story about global warming threatening White Lemuroid Possum -
I do not recall in the 2008 or 2013 media anything about there being only four critters left. Perhaps I missed something.
This article from the Cairns Post – Possum a ‘polar bear’ of climate change – a bit odd seeing there are many thousands of polar bears. While Polar Bears are being dragged into this – try this site for information on Polar Bear Science.
Anyway – the Cairns Post article states – JUST four white lemuroid ringtail possums have been found in the wild – Just four have been found since 2005.
I wonder if either of these statements could be true.
Time will tell I suppose.

Australian taxpayers have a miniscule win as Paralana geothermal project in outback SA is shelved

Our ABC reports – Petratherm shelves Paralana geothermal project in outback SA – apparently due to a lack of funds. “The Paralana project had secured $24.5 million as a Renewable Energy Development Program grant but could not raise another $5 million needed.”

Does anybody know why Petratherm could not raise a paltry $5mill to get their seven-megawatt geothermal electricity generator running? PTR ASX reports here.

Your chance to vote in support of the GreenLabor plan for an Emissions Trading Scheme or ETS

Just a few quick clicks – at
be sure to pass on to your friends.

Carbon tax repeal today but at what cost – what strings attached

A welcome step but this has been such a drama and with so many amendments I think it will be some time before we can weigh the net effect against the remaining web of GreenLeft hangovers – Clean Energy Finance Corporation – Renewable Energy Target – Climate Change Authority – that the Govt wants to abolish or trim back. ABC take and Fairfax.

“National Night-time Hotspot” (NNTHS) errors still in BoM temperature anomaly maps 2002-2007

In February I wrote about persistent errors in BoM min temperature anomaly maps over a station in the south west of the Northern Territory – errors I first noticed in 2011.
“Australian Bureau of Meteorology still have persistent errors in their temperature anomaly maps”
The errors are still there for the entire 72 months 2002-2007 – see my new animation.
How long will it take the BoM to recognize the reality that their AWAP data has these huge NNTHS errors?
My animation is pointing to other persistent errors in the NT and Qld data – but let’s concentrate on getting the BoM to eradicate the NNTHS first.

How long does it take the Australian BoM to fix a simple 10°C error in their AWAP temperature anomaly maps?

On the 5th I posted – Southwest Queensland heat wave 2 July 2014 – pointing out the 10 degree error for the Bedourie max on 2 July.
After a couple more days the 30 was fixed to a 20 here.
But I see this morning 14th July after another week passes – that the 10 degree error is still in the AWAP maps.
How can the BoM which has been in existence for over a century – not have routine operating procedures in place to ensure that these tiny tasks are promptly done?
Would a 10 degree cold error have been repaired quicker?
The original error was only spotted because it was a huge standout anomaly.
What about errors that are more subtle and harder to spot?
What confidence can we have in the routine BoM AWAP temperature anomaly maps?

Global warming strikes Queensland – Brisbane has coldest morning in 103 years

Brisbane records coldest morning in 103 years – despite the ever growing urban heat island – records falling in several other towns.
I am sure sure there will be more to say about this – too busy now.

Laugh of the week – Labor “care for community”

Just spotted this gem – almost choked on my morning cocoa – the full article is here – Shorten must go cold turkey on union cartel cash – But my email digest said -

“…if they care about supporting the community.”

Is this how the end of the mining boom looks ?

A reader sent this in for posting – how we are often fed a load of utter chaff by the media.

Well worth downloading the RBA pdf Chart Pack

Prime Minister Abbott should accumulate Senate triggers for a double dissolution election and then “go the double”

Let the Australian electorate decide if they want the Carbon Tax to stay or be repealed – do they want to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Renewable Energy Target and the Climate Change Authority ? If not – do they want a return to a GreenLabor Government? If so let them vote for it. Does the electorate want more of the Palmer United Party – OK let Australians vote for that.
The new Govt elected in September 2013 with a large majority in the House of Representatives clearly can not govern as it was elected to because of the Senate – so might as well be voted out than remain a “lame duck” constantly watering down policy in haggling for support from Independent and PUP Senators.
What do readers think ? Antony Green thinks it is OK for the Abbott Govt to continue as a lame duck.