Perth dams rain data 2016

I am surprised the BoM and the WA Govt Water Corporation have not got their Perth dams rain data in order at the end of 2016. I have several posts on the subject through 2016 and have called for an audit. The latest was WA Water Corporation can not replace a couple of rain gauges in 2 months 27 Oct 2016
Water Corp are still showing the message re faulty instruments. Water Corp monthly rain data individual dams.WA Govt stations in Red
The three worst BoM stations. BoM stations in Blue.
Mundaring Weir daily rain 2016 no data post March
Victoria Dam daily rain 2016 data shambles
Serpentine Main Dam daily rain 2016 no data post May

Guide to ~100 press articles about Eddie Obeid

The comprehensive book “He who must be Obeid” by Kate McClymont and Linton Besser details over 20 years of Labor corruption in NSW and has ~20 pages of Chapter notes (Endnotes) with many dozens of references to press articles (including exact headlines which are easily searched with Google). Amazon has a Kindle Edition.
I have scanned the 20 odd pages which are linked below if you click on “Continue reading”.
Over weeks & months I intend to post links online to all the press articles from the book that I can find using Google. For a start here are links to scans of the Endnotes. Continue reading Guide to ~100 press articles about Eddie Obeid

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations