NSW Deputy Premier proposes debate around nuclear power

Just when you thought most politicians are way far GreenLeft – up pops an exception – The ABC says – Nuclear power on the agenda in NSW as Deputy Premier claims ‘we’ve been led by fear and mistruths’ – Surely he is misquoted re France – which has had a large fleet of nuclear power generators for decades. Any ideas for good practical sites around Sydney? Could Lucas Heights be enlarged?

Lithgow coal mine water pipeline holdup threatens electricity grid

Coal supplies to the 1400MW Mount Piper Power Station are under threat according to this ABC report – Lithgow faces ‘mini depression’ if $100m mine water pipeline not approved, Mayor says – It seems approval is needed for a water pipeline but if anybody has more detailed info please pass on. Mount Piper generates about 17.5% of the current coal fired generation in NSW. I suppose in an emergency coal could be trucked/railed in from somewhere but would mean hundreds of truck movements per day to supply the ~14,000t of coal per day.
Just another threat to baseload electricity on our already rickety grid.

Amazing NZ Govt funding for hundreds of groups claiming the coast and seas

A Kiwi sent me these stunning details of funding available through NZ Dept of Justice to pay for High Court applications under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. The 5 page pdf can be downloaded but the Table of dollars on tap to claim (larger vers) is worth posting. Clearly Govt payouts could total many $millions over years. I posted below on – Now 550+ legal claims on New Zealand coast and seas by Maori organizations

Microsoft want my credit card number to reactivate Skype

I only used Skype person to person text chat at odd times – have not used it for best part of a year I think – so I suppose I was a freeloading bludger. Near a decade ago I think I paid a small sum to make calls to phone numbers – then gave that away. Life will go on without Skype. I would be interested in others experience with Skype now that Microsoft seem to be intent on wringing out value for their 2011 $8.5Bn investment – eyes water.

Now 550+ legal claims on New Zealand coast and seas by Maori organizations

I got an email about the large number(~55) of these Public Notices in the NZ Herald relating to coastal land under the NZ Resource Management Act (RMA). My understanding is that if say a mineral explorer – Kiwi Coast Minerals (KCM) – wants to explore for say beach sands – in addition to complying with the RMA they would have to negotiate with local councils – who may have unelected Maori members. I am not sure if there is a further RMA process where KCM may be obliged to negotiate with Maori land organizations, such as those lodging the 55 advertisements. I have kept some pages of adverts offline. Also here are 3 examples of the full text of adverts Continue reading Now 550+ legal claims on New Zealand coast and seas by Maori organizations

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations