West Australian water authorities do not talk about above average rain falling free from the sky

Just noticed this classic water news from Perth – global HQ of the rain-denial-desalination-promotion movement. Water Corp plans waste water treatment expansion, increased desalination – not a word that the Perth region and catchments have enjoyed above average rain in 2016 and in each month except Feb.
Percent rain all Australia so far in May – Percent rain just WA so far in May.
Here is a rain history for Perth catchments – just the runoff season. Pretty good rain on average.

Third week stupidly long Australian Federal election campaign

Barnaby Joyce is the star this week by a nose in front of the dairy industry – Barnaby Joyce suggests asylum seeker boat influx under Labor coincided with live export halt – here is a chart of “Country Shopper” arrivals with B marking the live beef exports ban.

First – Govt and Labor should never agreed to the Greens inclusion in the so called “Regional Leaders Debate”. What is the Greens average vote in regional seats – 5 to 6%? Looking at the chart and weighing up all the knowns it is feasible that Barnaby is right.
Amazing how the dairy people only have to mention making poor business decisions in the face of two years of falling world dairy prices – and an avalanche of taxpayers $’s rapidly surges their way.
Finally, I am puzzled the Australian Liberty Alliance ALA do not seem a tad more active putting out media and keeping their www pages updated. They have I understand an excellent candidate standing for Curtin in David Archibald – yet this is not mentioned.
Re the closure of Aurukun School issue – I wonder if the Army should be used to keep the school open. I wonder what the cost of Aurukun is per year to taxpayers. All that money and the place is so dysfunctional that the school has to close – amazing.

Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam

Time we are reminded about the very good Agritech Salinity Crisis Action Plan so highly ignored by WA Govts. The WayBack Machine still has the Agritech site from several years ago. Contact details are obsolete.
I also had a page up.
Agritech also had their Wellington Dam Water Recovery Project – also on the WayBack Machine. Too good a project for the WA Govt.
I have mentioned the Agritech Wellington Dam project more than once.
Click for synoptic map – block diagram of both Agritech projects.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations