Andrew Bolt reports on NOAA’s exaggerated claim that July 2015 was the hottest month on Earth since records began

Great to see a blog such as Andrew Bolt tackling climate misinformation. – Sydney Liberal MP Craig Kelly is curious. Well for a start NOAA is talking mean temperature – an average of max and min. Some of the quotes at Andrew Bolt refer to the daily max. But still there are many cases where the mean temperature Australian data contradicts the NOAA percentile map – Australian sector shown here.

NOAA does have an anomaly map that looks less exaggerated but still wrong in places.

Andrew Bolt asks – Why is the NOAA map for Australia running so very warm? The answer is probably that the GHCN version quoted by NOAA has been adjusted so the past is too cool hence shows too much warming – similar to the BoM ACORN data. It is also likely the SST’s data is similarly fiddled warmer. But how NOAA can publish such way out rubbish is beyond me.
Just taking two examples from grid squares on the NOAA anomaly map – Alice Springs Airport mean temperature and East Sale Airport – both contradict the NOAA anomaly map and of course the even crazier percentile map. Choose your region – then click on July in menu bar – Brisbane also looks a dud for NOAA. Andrew Bolt now shows the BoM July 2015 mean t anomaly to assist readers to check on NOAA.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted a warm winter in 2015- monster fail in South East Australia

Tasmania’s winter coldest in nearly 50 years, Bureau of Meteorology says – that is since 1966
Melbourne shivers through coldest winter in 26 years, no warm start to Spring in sight – that is since 1986
Canberra’s coldest winter in 15 years and wettest in 10 years finally ending
And the BoM prediction of a warmer than normal winter in SE Australia – look at Tasmania. Have readers got any other reports of cold regions this winter ?
Here are maps of actual winter weather to compare with the winter predictions linked above – First Rain –
Now max temperature –

and min temperature

Video memories – in mid 2009 Prime Minster Rudd announces $400million for carbon capture and storage

Thanks to Michael Smith – Hear Kev747 talking 150 days before ClimateGate and Copenhagen – I just wonder how these mega $millions of our hard earned cash were spent – fascinating. Kev’s GCSI seems to live on at least on the www – quote – The Institute was established in 2009 with initial funding from the Australian Government to accelerate the development of CCS globally.
In 2012 the SMH had this to say – Coal hard light of day for dud scheme
some good leads to follow there. I wonder if readers can dig out links to what Kev’s broadcasting of our hard earned dollars achieved. This site has touched on the CCS story over the years.

Swedish research says Russia has been gaming the carbon credits system

Why would we be surprised that Russia duds the sucker West? Vlad would expect his minions to do exactly this sort of thing to the hated West. Classic. – the Stockholm Environment Institute has published – Perverse effects of carbon markets on HFC-23 and SF6 abatement projects in Russia.

This Figure is from Nature.
Andrew Bolt has comments on the issue with his first link being to a BBC article quoting wider abuses than thoses fingered in the SEI paper.

Abbott Govt faces multiple challenges and the boss is away in the Torres Strait

Under constantly evolving attacks – from a clever mostly taxpayer funded GreenLeft coalition – that they show few signs of understanding – unable to recognize and deal with enemies – always putting out a fractured message. The great progress made at the Trade Union Royal Commission seldom publicised. Earlier this month I wrote – Lame-duck incompetent Australian Commonwealth Government – Michael Smith has three good articles today – ACTU deploys $30M multi-tiered campaign to oust the Abbott Government – first target, Canning WA – and – The Australian on Fairfax/Labor’s attempt to smear Andrew Hastie and the SASR – also – Martin Ferguson – Bill Shorten’s caucus “waits on the phone call from their union heavy to tell them what to do”. Last October I posted – Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot – various articles critical of the Feds. Australians deserve better.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations