Australian Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks July to September far too hot again

Once again the BoM puts out these useless temperature Outlooks where NOT ONE square centimetre of Australia is predicted to be cooler than average.
Citizens should write their Commonwealth MP’s and Ministers asking why taxpayers money is still wasted on these ridiculous hot looking Outlooks. Australian weather just does not do what the BoM expects – is there some fever on the corporate brain of the BoM?

The rain Outlook below is exactly wrong too in several regions when you examine it.

The predicted dry in NSW – Qld turned out mostly average or sl wet.
South Australia through into Vic was predicted near average but turned out dry.
WA from the Pilbara south turned out to have about half the area wrong.
WA north of Pilbara was predicted dry but rain was above average.
Top of NT was precicted wet but turned out average or dry.
When you just stand back and weigh it up – just a huge waste of taxpayers money – at a time when Govt is looking for savings.
If you search outlooks on my site you will see I have been pointing out these shortcomings for years.

Evidence of Plunge Protection Team PPT or similar US Fed or US Govt activity supporting US Markets starting early Friday 3 Oct 2014 in New York – overnight in Australia

Against a background that the DOW looked a bit nervous after falling Wednesday 1 Oct –

remembering the plunge in August see chart below – I am sure the PPT are not keen on Octobers – Dow looking toppy –

Here is the overnight gold price in both AU$’s and US$’s
At A just before 3am NY gold gets a little $5 hit – then around 9am NY gold is dumped down near $1190 – by C the PPT have hi-fived and are enjoying a well deserved long lunch –

Currencies are of course in on it too as the AU$ plunges before 8am NY time –

The DOW jumps 150 points on opening – I wonder what buying power that requires –

It gets worse – the “Kill Climate Deniers” play funded by the ACT Govt is specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament

This Parliament House –

The Aspen Island web site now says this describing their upcoming drama – material that was not online earlier yesterday –

So for the benefit of overseas readers what we have here is like the The District of Columbia funding a play about an attack on the Capitol.
And all at a time when security at the Australian Parliament House has been tightened with armed guards.
Yesterday the ABC commented – Climate play draws fierce criticism from Andrew Bolt, ACT Opposition
I see now the Canberra Times has a story – Liberals outraged that ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ play is funded by the ACT government.
I have been told by a Labor MLA that the – “title of the play is a satirical one”. Well we all know that but there are subjects too serious for satire.
Just try making satirical jokes about “a bomb in the luggage” when you are going through security checks at an airport – or when you are onboard your flight.

‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – upcoming new theatre funded by the ACT Govt (Canberra)

I saw a ref to this at Don Aitkin’s blog – and a quick look in google found this – 4th from top. I wonder if readers think this is a proper use of our taxes. At this point I am lost for words…..

ACT Govt Ministers and MLA’s are listed here.
The theatre company Aspen Island has this www site.
Just in case people might think that this is all a “storm in the ACT teacup” and that the title of the play is just to seek publicity and could not possibly result in harm to anybody. Remember this case from 2007 when a Sydney man died – Man charged with murder after lawn watering dispute – Unbalanced people can be incited to cause harm. That the ACT Govt would choose to fund a public event that could be seen as “incitement” or a “threat to cause grievous bodily harm” is stunning.

Blowout in Australian budget deficit quickly forgotten in the media – should steel the Govt to plan a double dissolution election

Budget deficit soars to $48.5bn – The Govt can not take the steps required to balance the budget because of obstruction from the current senate. Muddling on another two years making inadequate half baked compromises with various senate factions while under constant attack from the taxpayer funded ABC – should not be an option. Chart from ABC in May 2013 – I like their pro-GreenLabor optimism – “and eventually a surplus”

A double dissolution election is the only way – let Australia vote GreenLabor back if voters want that.

Many fatalities from eruption on Mt Ontake – what geophysical warning signs were there?

Early reports over the weekend like this from the BBC said [The question of no warning is harder to answer. Volcanologists point out this was a relatively small eruption, and that it was driven by super-heated steam and ash, not by lava being ejected from the magma chamber. That made it much more difficult to predict.]
But now the ABC is reporting – [While there had been a rising number of small earthquakes detected at Mt Ontake since September, the eruption could not have been predicted easily, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.]
I have looked for Japanese seismic data for Mt Ontake to no avail yet. I also wonder if they have networks of surveyed points over volcanos to detect subtle changes in topography which can precede an eruption.

Shades of 19th Century railway gauges – brand new CSIRO ship can not plug into wharf electricity

The ABC reports – CSIRO’s new $120m Investigator can’t plug into Hobart shore power, moved to Macquarie Wharf

The article is not exactly informative about the exact issue – what happens if they call at other Australian ports ?
What about international ports ?
$120million does not seem like a lot of money for the Investigator – where was she built? Considering that vastly larger and more complex and electricity hungry ships have been calling at Australian ports for many decades – it is puzzling that a fairly small brand new ship could be an issue.
Apologies – I superimposed the “3 pin plug” photo as a joke. I am sure ship to shore connections are vastly more heavy duty and sophisticated.

“The Economist” could read what they said they day before

I was reading this 2012 article on India-China border disputes with useful map when I noticed their GraphicDetail section where they produce an interesting graphic every day. The entries for 22nd and 23rd of September caught my eye.
On the 22nd GraphicDetail was bemoaning the health effect of emissions from coal fired power stations – while on the 23rd they reported UN figures showing huge improvements in mortality rates globally for the decade 2000-2010.

On another subject – I wanted to mention this interesting site which was sent in by a reader – 38 maps that explain the global economy – Always enjoy studying maps.

Spanish company comes downunder to the ACT for Australian PV solar subsidies

The GreenLeft ACT Govt has a “90 per cent target for the use of renewable energy (electricity) in the ACT by 2020.” – so we can expect a welter of waste in years to come. And it is ironic that while Spain has been burnt by over installing PV solar schemes – a Spanish company has its nose in the trough of our crazy RET subsidies.
Capital’s Solar farm opens – Some great statements in the article.
I am sure more of this idiocy will follow until the Fed Govt cracks down on the RET waste. The ABC reports – Spanish firm to build ACT solar farm
Article from The Economist on the Spanish experience –
Renewable energy in Spain – Google finds many more The cost del sol – Sustainable energy meets unsustainable costs
They could have said – Part-time day-time energy….

Fishing industry disquiet at South Australia State Labor Govt increasing areas of marine parks on back of Green claims

The Australian is reporting – Suicide warning as Labor locks up fisheries – full text pasted below.
This map from AdelaideNow Nov 2012 is the only statewide map I have found.

More detailed and up to date maps are here. Concerned fishing people say. SBS says – Fishermen downcast as marine sanctuaries prevail in SA. And the ABC reports – South Australia’s marine park’s sanctuary zone liberal amendment bill has been defeated by one vote in the House of Assembly.
IMHO Green claims that this or that species is endangered in our coastal seas would be hyped by the usual Green exaggerations – which have been faithfully reported as fact over decades by the MSM. Seems to me mainly a case that Labor is shoring up its left wing Green support at the expense of a productive sector in S.A. Nothing new there.
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