Global warming strikes Queensland – Brisbane has coldest morning in 103 years

Brisbane records coldest morning in 103 years – despite the ever growing urban heat island – records falling in several other towns.
I am sure sure there will be more to say about this – too busy now.

Laugh of the week – Labor “care for community”

Just spotted this gem – almost choked on my morning cocoa – the full article is here – Shorten must go cold turkey on union cartel cash – But my email digest said -

“…if they care about supporting the community.”

Is this how the end of the mining boom looks ?

A reader sent this in for posting – how we are often fed a load of utter chaff by the media.

Well worth downloading the RBA pdf Chart Pack

Prime Minister Abbott should accumulate Senate triggers for a double dissolution election and then “go the double”

Let the Australian electorate decide if they want the Carbon Tax to stay or be repealed – do they want to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Renewable Energy Target and the Climate Change Authority ? If not – do they want a return to a GreenLabor Government? If so let them vote for it. Does the electorate want more of the Palmer United Party – OK let Australians vote for that.
The new Govt elected in September 2013 with a large majority in the House of Representatives clearly can not govern as it was elected to because of the Senate – so might as well be voted out than remain a “lame duck” constantly watering down policy in haggling for support from Independent and PUP Senators.
What do readers think ? Antony Green thinks it is OK for the Abbott Govt to continue as a lame duck.

Our ABC gives free publicity to Lord Deben from the UK who accuses Prime Minister Abbott of “recklessly endangering the future of the world” – with Australian Govt climate policy that is

Only the ABC could give creedence to a notion that the tiny Australian emissions could have any measurable impact on the world.

You would think if this climate expert Lord Deben was concerned about global carbon dioxide emissions he would speak out more about China who has huge rapidly growing emissions and less about Australia where emissions are small, have been reducing and are in any case sequestered by our landmass.

How dare Queensland baseload electricity providers protect the grid from rooftop solar “detrimental impacts”

Revealing take here by “Our ABC” giving free publicity for advocates of the renewables sector. Qld electricity providers trying to block solar from grid, lobby group says
Mainstream electricity consumers have allowed too much harm already to our electricity grids from the variable generation of near useless but expensive Green boutique wind and solar.

Scientists can not find plastic waste floating in oceans – so blame fish for eating it

Scientists expected to find a million tonnes of floating plastic waste in the oceans but only actually found 40,000 t. Instead of doubting their initial model they conclude fish must be eating the plastic. – Scientists say fish may be eating ocean plastic waste – I would have thought there would be ongoing research into what fish are eating – here n there around planet earth. Nothing could be easier than examining fish insides at factories where they are processed. Surely Departments of Fisheries keep tabs on this routinely.
Anyway – I thought it was an interesting report – seeing we are usually bombarded with – “the oceans are clogged with our plastic waste” – style of stories.

Southwest Queensland heat wave 2nd July 2014

I noticed this aberration in BoM max anomaly maps –

on checking I see that Bedourie on 2 July recorded 19° at 3pm. Yet they have 30° recorded here.
So we are expected to believe that the temperature rocketed 11 degrees quicktime

It just amazes me that such an obvious outlier can get through BoM processes.
And I like the way the contouring maths generates the next layer up red anomaly all on its own.
There are not that many Qld stations reporting on this page – that given BoM computing power and the presumed importance of filtering out errors – a staffer could easily tick through the Qld list in 5 or 10 minutes each day eyeballing for obvious errors.

A welter of worries being expressed by worried carbon farming hopefuls

The new Australian Senate is yet to reveal how the votes will divide on this or that issue – yet it looks as if the Carbon Tax will be repealed. Those looking to turn a buck out of carbon farming are making their worries heard, as the ABC reports – Future of Carbon Farming Initiative unclear -
The poor old taxpayer seldom gets a look in.
Best to scrap all these boondoggle schemes – the soils and plant life of our continent already naturally sequester the industrial carbon we produce.

NIWA reports on record New Zealand warmth for June 2014

This article from Stuff reporting NIWA-talk mentions “A persistent lack of southerlies had a profound impact on the monthly temperatures.”
Or you could say northerly winds brought a flow of warm tropical air over the New Zealand region during June – as shown by this BoM map.

The NZ Herald says – The winter of our content: Warmest-ever June – which mentions June was between 1.8C and 1.9C above normal just beating 2003 which was +1.8C – When global datsets update we can check what they record for June. The NIWA NZ series is heavily adjusted to a warmer trend – explained by Bob Dedekind.