ABC hits historic new low in bad taste reporting on Australian Prime Minister

Can anybody recall media quite as crazed as this ?

On top of years of ABC – Fairfax media – GreenLabor politicians constantly blabbering about every move made by Prime Minister Abbott.
I wonder if it is anything to do with the appearance today of Labor Leader Bill Shorten before The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.
And the ABC article is even more odd because resource extraction is managed by State Governments in Australia – not the Commonwealth. Canberra has a role in approving exports and a raft of other compliance interferences – but the licensing of gas drilling and extraction is done by state Governments.

Two examples of left-wing math

There has been a poll in Canberra to test public opinion for a GreenLabor Govt proposed light rail or tram project connecting the centre of Canberra to the northern suburbs of Gungahlin.
A few days later this article – Light rail poll: What do the numbers really say? – simply removed the Liberal voters from the poll numbers and came up with support for Govt light rail. For US readers Liberals in Australia tend to be right of centre.
OK – that is the first example of left-wing math – not keen on a result? – just throw away part of the data rinse & repeat.
The second example of left wing maths was exposed on the ABC Q&A TV show where a panel stacked with lefties answers questions from a live audience also stacked from the left. One of the aims of the show is to attack the lone conservative panelist. In the show Monday 29 June 2015 just before the 39minute mark in the transcript Lawrence Krauss refers to a poll in the US showing that more people are killed by “right wing extremists” than by Jihadists. But of course that result is only obtained by using data after 9/11. Love those left wing maths and remember the demand for global warming/climate change policy changes are driven by the left.

Marshall Islands foreign minister Tony de Brum claims “…yet another cyclone. Climate change has arrived,” he tweeted.

The ABC reports – Chaotic unseasonal storms strike Marshall Islands and Guam as eight systems threaten western Pacific
I am too busy to attempt to dig out data on this – make sure you include the word cyclone in any comment and I can rescue same if it gets caught in the spam queue. Same goes for earlier Raquel post. Not sure where the eight systems are.

Wall collapse at Lithgow coal mine said to be ‘equivalent to a giant oil spill’

The ABC reports – Collapse at Clarence Colliery at Lithgow ‘equivalent to giant oil spill’, wilderness foundation says.
I wonder if in all history rivers and creeks have never eroded coal measures before? So are there natural examples of environmental damage equal to “giant oil spills” in the rivers and water courses draining the abundant coal measures surrounding greater Sydney?
Not trying to minimise any particular event but let us keep some perspective and it would be nice to see the media reporting a rational view from all angles.
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