Why on earth are we sending two cabinet ministers to the Lima climate conference when we could have accredited a departmental janitor

This Fairfax beatup claiming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has “gone bananas” at Prime Minister Abbott for sending Trade Minister Robb to accompany her at the Lima Climate Conference – is just another example of irresolute see-sawing policy shambles by the Abbott Govt. Absolutely no need to send anybody of Cabinet rank – some lowly apparatchik would have been fine. Interesting the ABC is slow to discover their version of this “story”.

US Senate investigation exposes how JPMorgan gamed $Billions out of California electricity consumers

Why would we be surprised at $Billions being ripped of power consumers by Wall Street insiders – “Wall Street On Parade” reports JPMorgan Rushed to Hire Trader Who Suggested on His Resume That He Knew How to Game Electric Markets – Note that this ripping off of electricity consumers was only detected during other Senate investigations.
This is one of the reasons many sceptics oppose carbon pricing in its various forms – that it will inevitably lead to sharp practices, illegalities and rorting of the system at the expense of mug taxpayers.

Saudis oil pumping crashes oil price kneecapping the Iranian economy – how do the Teheran Mullahs pay to build those nukes now?

World oil price collapsing 28 Nov 2014 –
We have all seen the news a week ago how the West plus Russia and China agreed to delay until mid-2015 talks over Iran’s nuclear production capabilities. – Iranian nuclear negotiations deadline postponed
The West is so weak the Iranians would be laughing if it was not for vanishing oil export income constraining their violent National ambitions. The Russian Ruble is not being helped by the oil price either. Russia Warns Of Recession Next Year
Meanwhile the IAF will be reviewing and improving its future mission.
David Archibald’s new book – Twilight of Abundance – has much of interest on Iran who must import food to feed its population – how is that going with oil prices rooted? The Saudis ability to pump oil at these prices confirms them as the powerbrokers in the middle east. Currency charts from xe.com

Main stream media now catches up with reality – a double dissolution election is the way forward for the Abbott Government and Australia

I have suggested this on the blog four times since February –
A double dissolution election in Australia has just become more likely as Western Australia has to repeat a Senate election – then in July after the budget shambles –
Prime Minister Abbott should accumulate Senate triggers for a double dissolution election and then “go the double” – again in September –
Blowout in Australian budget deficit quickly forgotten in the media – should steel the Govt to plan a double dissolution election – then last month –
Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot
Now I see The Australian newspaper has seen the light – Coalition must call Labor’s bluff and push for a double dissolution – even the ABC and other left media mentioned the subject last week.
This looks like a hapless lame duck of a Govt being blown this way and that. They do some good things but can not follow through. Calling the Unions Royal Commission was a good step and has produced some great evidence – but few know about it. A selection of evidence – some of which is very entertaining – should have been put on a DVD with explanatory editorials and delivered to every mail box. Make many of these union identities comedy heroes.

Did the Brisbane urban heat island (UHI) affect the location of storms on 27th November 2014?

I was away all yesterday in the boondocks and heard on the car radio news of the Brisbane storms with hail and damage. Brisbane smashed by storm super cell: Premier calls in Army to help with clean-up

I just post this map of rain up to 9am on the 28th (recorded up to 4am) to float the idea again that the urban heat island can attract rain. The mechanism could be due to the man made increased albedo contrasts accentuating the formation of convective storm cells. I am interested to see what readers think. I realize there is a greater concentration of rain gauges in SE Queensland.
I have had previous posts on this subject but not on Brisbane. In February I posted – Did the Adelaide urban heat island (UHI) increase rain there last night? and there is a link there to an example from Melbourne. I am sure I have read of examples from books and published papers.

The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) muddles around again getting further from threshold El Nino conditions

Starting in January we have had no shortage of news items from warmists predicting an El Nino event this year – even a “super El Nino”. However despite all the media hoopla – the SOI has not gone below -10 for long enough to ring the bell on an El Nino event. On 18th November 2014 the BoM in their ENSO update which looked at a range of conditions in the Pacific – opted for “…at least a 70% chance of El Niño occurring.” – but they fail to say when.
As I write both the 30 day and 90 day SOI are above minus 8 and rising – just as there is no show without Punch – there will be no El Nino without a strongly negative SOI.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott famously said “climate change is crap” – maybe he was correct

The Australian newspaper reported that Tony really did say this at Beaufort, Victoria, in December 2009 – Town of Beaufort changed Tony Abbott’s view on climate change
But my posts on BoM adjustments to ACORN-SAT Cobar Meteorological Office temperatures 1963-2013 Episode 1 and Episode 2 – raise a new question.
Follow the logic here. The adjustments the BoM makes in its flagship ACORN-SAT data show that they do not even trust the readings made at Cobar – a state of the art, purpose-built meteorological station, staffed by their own professionals. What they are saying is that for practical purposes it is impossible even for our modern scientific society to measure temperature consistently at a professionally managed site over multi-decades.
Yet temperature data from thousands of stations of vastly lower quality around the world – used without adjustment to prove “global warming” – are bound to carry far more errors that we know little or nothing about. And the adjustments at Cobar alone are as large as the claimed rate of “global warming” over decades.
So whatever the truth of Tony’s assessment of the whole issue, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that “climate change as measured – could well be crap”.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations