Keep Hazelwood open

Hazelwood 1,600MW of electricity generation is due to close at end of March. This must further stress our already strained power supplies and rack up prices further. People concerned that this would weaken our electricity grid should email politicians asking that Hazelwood be kept open. I will be emailing the PM, Treasurer and several other members of the Commonwealth Parliament. For information email to –
Keep.Hazelwood.Open (the you know what symbol)
Terry McCrann had a good article – Keep Hazelwood power station open through takeover

NSW is usually an importer of electricity – interesting that generation for our largest State is propped up by imports from both Qld and Victoria. NSW is an Importer of Electricity – my series of Nemwatch charts annotated with simultaneous demand & price data from AEMO. There will be more data to present on the subject.
The upshot is – Victoria is the Lynchpin State of our grid in terms of electricity generation. Another reason to “Keep Hazelwood open”

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  1. Let them switch it off but before things turn to custard try and organise a group to sue the power supplier.

    When it is time sue the hell out of them. There must be a sueable transgression occuring if backouts occur by consequence.



  2. At your blog two down, “Watching our electricity grid trainwreck” the chart is showing big wholesale price increases in 2017 compared to post 1st September last year. The AEMC report “2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends” is out of date already.

  3. My blog of 9 Feb –
    Watching our electricity grid trainwreck

    has a chart just updated to yesterday – click for large version.
    I just calculated the percentage increase in the AEMO wholesale prices this year for each State compared to the prior four months 1 Sep-31 Dec 16.
    SA – 94%
    NSW – 140%
    Vic – 105%
    Qld – 327%
    Tas – 125%
    Now I do not know how AEMO wholesale prices translate into retail power bills but it must be certain extra price hikes will feed through in some form.
    Remember many players in the NEM can wear different hats – a big power company could be a seller of coal fired power, could also own wind, solar and gas fired.
    And also be playing futures and buying power from other companies generators.
    A real tangle.
    We must remember these great quotes by Terry McCrann.
    Terry McCrann: The experts lie about renewable energy 28 Nov 2016
    “THE first and most important thing to understand about global warming true believers and the pushers of so-called “renewable energy” is that they lie.
    They lie effortlessly, seamlessly, continuously and without the slightest sense of shame. They lie deliberately and carelessly and casually, and even when they don’t realise they are lying. They lie without the slightest sense of self-awareness and with all the pomposity of stupidity aforethought.”

  4. Philip Bradley
    They sure are confused.
    “Prices may go down as more wind power comes on line.”
    Who will pay to make and keep them online?
    Someone pays for installation and maintenance. If it is not on the bill then you are just paying it on some other bill. so it should be all counted as if it was on the bill. The same for where they have said “Prices are set by the territory government and are less than the cost of supply.”

  5. Wholesale prices may go down but the retail prices that you and I must pay, well that’s something else all together.

  6. I read that Mr Turnbull is currently visiting New Zealand partly to try and figure out why the NZ ecoomy is doing so well.

    Well the NZ economy isnt doing that well in my view, but at least we haven’t yet gone down the road of renewables, desalination plants and expanding government to far – yet.

    I wonder what Turnbull’s analysis will be.

    My advice to Turnbull is for him to read the One Nation manifesto.
    It wont be the first time that a major political party in Australia has taken on policies from the much maligned One Nation movement.



  7. Remember how SA Premier Jay Weatherill has been pushing the idea of a third SA interconnector, this time to NSW? If you Google weatherill interconnector to NSW
    many articles popup.

    How crazy all that multi-$Billion stuff sounds in the face of evidence here that NSW is an importer. So the electrons would go out of Vic into NSW and then by some roundabout route into SA. Could only happen in basket case Australia.

  8. Yes, it is a hopeless mess – these self-described “elites” (activists from politicians, bureaucrats, MSM, academics) are simply vainglorious vandals, completely shameless and addicted to look-at-me noble cause corruption.

    To understand the engineering vandalism of deliberately, but with wilful ignorance, grafting favoured intermittent asynchronous power sources into an established, balanced electrical grid network, try:

    We *know* our idiot MSM will not follow this … it contains no look-at-me factor for them and it requires objective thinking rather than feeling anyway.

    There is another propaganda push being inserted into the MSM agenda: “emmissions intensity of electricity”. This term is being thrown up with increasing frequency but with no definition that the general public could glean. This is standard propaganda, designed to confuse the public with jargon. Except it is really a re-badged RET – I suggest Google if you want to understand this latest cynical ploy.

  9. Just saw these new articles. Nothing like a bit of interstate argy-bargy.

    Victoria told national energy operator ‘under no circumstances’ could it cut power during NSW heatwave 23 Feb 2017

    Gas-fired power plants failed during NSW heatwave, report reveals 23 Feb 2017


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