Cold day records smashed in Perth region

Thanks to Chris Gillham – From Perth Region (Western Australia not Scotland) Feb has been moderate so far over there.
PEARCE RAAF (009053) 17° on 9 Feb 2017 smashes the previous 18.8 – data from 1940
BICKLEY (009240) 14° on 9 Feb 2017 annihilated the previous 18 – data from 1994
BADGINGARRA RESEARCH STN (009037) 17° on 9 Feb 2017 also annihilated the previous mild 21 – data from 1965

From Wheatbelt
CUNDERDIN AIRFIELD (010286) 16° on 9 Feb 2017 demolishes the previous 22.2 – data from 1996

Thats all I have time for – there must be a stack more. Watch these stunning cold records get fair coverage in the news media.
Daily maximum temperature anomaly for Australia – this map is for the 8th – The map for the 9th will update later.

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  1. Some more way further east

    South of Norseman on the Goldfields
    SALMON GUMS RES.STN. (012071) – 15° on 9 Feb 2017 breaks the previous 15.7 on 16 Feb 1952 – data from 1932

    Eastern part of wheatbelt
    NEWDEGATE RESEARCH STATION (010692) 14 on 9 Feb 2017 annihilated the previous 18.2 on 2 Feb 2002 – data from 1996

  2. Heavy rain overnight. it’s only 6am on the 10th and the Feb daily rainfall record for Perth has also been smashed with 109mm. Elders has the previous record at 47.6mm but that may be just for the current location.

  3. Perth region is cool enough, but:

    the AEMO is warning of load shedding in NSW this pm Friday and/or tomorrow pm Saturday. Insufficient supply for predicted demand nationwide.

    The greenies have done it. For two decades we have watched the MSM refuse to publish or broadcast any hard, reliable information from experienced power grid engineers, preferring instead to pummel the naive and gullible public day after day, month after month, year after year, with disinformation from illiterate “progressives” that wind and solar will work really well and “she’ll be right, mate”.

    Well, the propaganda worked.

  4. Reminds me of the time in ’82, a February where the Blackwood flooded Bridgetown and Nannup during a big rain event in the wheatbelt. Lots of shires declared disaster zones.
    I joined a crowd to watch an old bridge across the Blackwood slowly bend into a horseshoe before busting out. The new bridge across at Alexandra Bridge was built well above the flood line.

  5. We had another heavy rain event less than 2 weeks ago, with the heaviest rain just to the north and northeast of Perth over the end of Feb and start of Jan. Gingin got about 110mm over 3 days.

    Prior to 3 or 4 years ago, most Januarys and Febuarys we would get no rain at all.

  6. 9 February 2017 was by far the coldest February day recorded at Perth Metro and Regional Office since opening in 1897, and Perth Airport since opening in 1945.

    Some extra digging reveals that when maxima are averaged from ACORN-SAT stations across WA, 9 February 2017 was also the coldest February day in the state since homogenised records began in 1910.

    The BoM hasn’t published the 9 Feb 2017 maximum for Albany Airport, Carnarvon, Meekatharra or Port Hedland, so the most accurate comparisons are of 11 ACORN stations open from 1910 (excluding Albany Airport and Carnarvon) and 21 stations open from 1976 (excluding all four without 2017 temps).

    The 11 ACORN stations open in 1910 had an average max of 22.25C on 9 February 2017 and the next coldest February day was 14 February 1955 when their average max was 23.01C.

    The 21 ACORN stations had an average max of 24.06C on 9 February 2017 and, since 1976, the next coldest February day was 20 February 2008 when their average max was 25.18C.

    9-11 February 2017 also set records or near records for the coldest two and three consecutive February days since 1910.

    These comparisons use the homogenised ACORN-SAT dataset, not RAW temperatures, so the 9 February 2017 average temperatures don’t have the advantage of any cooling bias possibly caused by BoM adjustments at the 21 stations since 1910.

    The February daily temperature tables and an Excel download are at

  7. Warwick, check this Twitter Storm out, carries the unusual cast of CCSci Denial Watch, SkepSci, Peter Gleick, trolled by Morano and more. Apparently NSW hottest ever and worst fire or something gets a mention.
    The propaganda is solid!

  8. No link came through Tom – if you have Twitter try pinging me the thing on – @IPCC_Errs

    I have very little skill or luck with Twitter

  9. I don’t do Twitter either, But I found it on WUWT, on the sidebar retweeting a tweet by Tom Nelson.
    The nonsense propaganda from people who are supposed to be scientists was astonishing as they quoted from ‘fake news’ media.
    Schmitt, Gleick, McKibben, and Hannam at the SMH about worst ever, hottest ever NSW , and others , then Marc Morano’s troll was to say: “Report: Trump to sign executive orders related to EPA’s climate work once Pruitt is confirmed”
    That must have hurt.

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