Watching our electricity grid trainwreck

South Australia grid sheds load last night. SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government 8 Feb 2017. Large version my chart

Can our politicians assure us that closing Hazelwood with generation capacity 1,600MW is in Australia’s interests? Remember Victoria has often been running a surplus of 2,000MW supplying power to three other States, NSW, SA and Tas. We should be asking Govt; “what effect will the Hazelwood shutdown have on power prices?” My 27 Jan post.
AEMO Price & Demand Charts – Average Prices tables – Nemwatch for generation State by State

11 thoughts on “Watching our electricity grid trainwreck”

  1. > ” We should be asking Govt; “what effect will the Hazelwood shutdown have on power prices?” ”

    It must be me, because I cannot understand why asking *any* Govt a question like that is thought to have any use at all.

    I know people label me as cynical, but the true cynicism lies in deliberately and knowingly destroying the power grids while denying this under the protection of the FakeNews MSM.

    Ask experienced power grid engineers FFS, not lying politicians or vanity-filled, scientifically illiterate, mathematically innumerate journos.

  2. I see AEMO prices are going spastic this early in the day 9.52am. NSW, Qld, Vic, SA all over $200 and Tas $192. Shutting Hazelwood, you know it makes sense.

  3. (Hope you pardon me for doing this here, Warwick.)
    We must have met or known of each other years ago. Do you want to email me at sherro1 at optusnet dot com dot au

  4. ‘The federal government wants South Australia to do whatever it can to reopen a 32-year-old coal-fired power station in the wake of yet another blackout.

    Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has labelled the state’s electricity grid a basket case and blasted Labor Premier Jay Weatherill’s big renewable energy experiment.’

  5. From the PerthNow link above, an example of what ianl8888 might be talking about in comment 1.

    [Mr Frydenberg acknowledged grid-wide battery storage would help but the technology was not well enough advanced.]
    Minister Frydenberg should be able to see that if “the technology (batteries) was not well enough advanced”
    Then you can not say “grid-wide battery storage would help”

    Until a technology is tried and proven by engineers it is obviously unproven and should not be a part of deciding what should be done now.

  6. Phillip Bradley’s perthnow linked MSM article above shows exactly what I meant with the phrase:

    .. vanity-filled, scientifically illiterate, mathematically innumerate journos

    The journo is actually protecting the political clown from accountability to preserve his (the journo’s) green credentials and ministerial access. What an unbelievably stupid circular clusterf…k

    It’s beyond satire now.

  7. This is all pretty much on schedule. As noted here back in early October, the Australian Energy Market Operator forecast shortfalls in January, February and March for South Australia this year and next.

  8. @DB2

    > “This is all pretty much on schedule”

    … sigh

    Do you grasp how utterly stupid that is ? It has no point of any significance. I’m so fed up with greenie double shuffles, goalpost moving and glib slippy slidey.

    Don’t need urgent hospital treatment in SA unless you like to gamble.
    Don’t expect your expensive frozen embryo to survive in SA unless you like to gamble.
    Don’t start a business in SA unless you like to gamble.

    Stupidity by any definition, especially the Einstein version. Weatherill is now werbling on about seizing private generating property (gas-fired generators). No Australia I know.

  9. What was behind that news I was hearing all over ABC TV last night quoting the NSW Government saying that their electricity grid was “saved” by renewables? Saved from power cuts. Are they deluded? Is simple arithmetic too hard.

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