Birds igniting on powerlines near wind turbines

Recall my 19 Jan post Tarago fire starts on Capital wind farm – Now the Goulburn Post has “Infigen Energy denies liability for Currandooley fire” The article includes 16 photos in a slide show – number 15 by Mark Dunstone is below – larger version. Other news – Goward pushes for Currandooley coronial inquiry Photo from Goulburn Post. Stop These Things has a post “Wind Power Setting the World on Fire: Infigen Sparks Devastating NSW Bushfire” If anybody has suffered damage there is a comment there from a law firm with an email address.
Above photo is taken from the north – west is to the right and the fire ran east to the left. This map shows the fire outline. and is of course north side up like 99.9% of all maps.
I am puzzled we are not already well aware of elongate clusters of fires along powerlines all across our wide brown land.

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  1. The Goulburn Post story features these gems:

    “It was an unusual event. We have had over 20 unplanned outages over four years prior to the recent event and we suspect bird strikes on powerlines were responsible for all of those. (But) it has caused only one fire over four years,” he said.

    Infigen contends the bird and not the infrastructure caused the outbreak.

    However Mr Farrell said the company was exploring “technical solutions” to power pole design. One is to lay gravel below the poles.

    Asked why the company was doing this if it did not accept liability, Mr Farrell said it was “improving” processes.”

    It was also about minimising risk of birds catching fire in the first place, the company’s manager of environmental, social, governance and investor relations, Marju Tonisson said.

    Infigen’s workers also slashed grass beneath the power poles on the Saturday following the Tuesday, January 17 fire, on RFS advice. Locals said on that day, another bird that struck a wind farm power pole also caught fire and dropped to the ground but there was no fuel to burn.

    Expensive, kills birds, causes fires, 20 unplanned outages in four years, and now they are going to have to put gravel under the poles, taking out even more land. All this for power that is as unreliable as the wind – actually more unreliable because the equipment is obviously unreliable as well as its power source.

    Hard to believe people are so blinded by the global warming myth that they tolerate and defend such a complete dud system.

  2. In light of Infigen claiming frequent birdstrikes at the Capital windfarm, an independent investigation is needed into these claimed birdstrike fires. This is a huge public issue in fire prone Australia, a range of questions need answers, for example.
    What is the design voltage present at the place of claimed birdstrikes and how does this compare with the voltages on lines extending over vast areas of Australia, where I am lead to believe birds live?
    Was there any variation in voltage at the time and place of birdstrikes?
    What is the design of the equipment that is prone to birdstrikes and how does this compare with the design on lines of similar voltage at other places?
    Do all windfarms have similar “birdstrike fires” issues and if not, why not?
    A public investigation is required where various experts can testify under oath and where the investigators have the power to call witnesses.
    High tension power lines I see frequently are a place for birds to perch when it suits them.
    I notice too that no Currandooley photos have hit the www that have been taken by somebody on the ground who has had access to land around the base of the towers.

  3. > “A public investigation is required where various experts can testify under oath and where the investigators have the power to call witnesses”

    Well, one can hope.

    If such an inquiry ever takes place – very unlikely – then it *should* present unexpurgated evidence and under-oath opinion. This means no closed court sessions, with court recordings fiully available online to overcome FakeNews.

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