BoM exaggerates again Canberra hottest January

Claiming Canberra had its hottest January – Hottest January on record sees Canberra’s power usage soarCanberra Airport 70351 had Jan 2017 mean max 32.8 but Queanbeyan Bowling Club 70072 in 1932 had a Jan mean max of 34.2 –
When you examine site differences, ponder the UHI growth in the ACT – Qbn UHI in 1932 – it looks too close to call. Definitely not a worthy record for the BoM to trumpet.

2 thoughts on “BoM exaggerates again Canberra hottest January”

  1. The BoM is increasing desperate for catastrophic news to bolster the increasing evidence that the effects of CO2 are wholly beneficial to life on Earth. Whatever adjustments to the climate record that can be made, will be made in the interests of the Propaganda Push. Claiming ‘Wherever’ had its hottest day ever in ‘whatever’ month is standard practice in modern Climatology. If UHI is available as a lever to reporting imminent disaster, then the BoM will make use of it.

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