Jacinda Ardern answers simple tax questions

Hard to believe somebody this shallow could be a serious candidate for New Zealand Prime Minister. Only a minute 47secs.

Thanks to Steve McMillan – as Steve says “Here you have it New Zealand…. the very day before the election, even the Labour leader doesn’t know her own tax policy.”
Here is my updated history of New Zealand elections chart. 2017 percentages as at late on election night. Large version

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  1. Subject: POLITICAL SPIN

    AUSTRALIAN WAY No matter what side of the AISLE you’re on, THIS is FUNNY and VERY telling! It just all depends on how you look at same things.

    Judy Rudd an amateur genealogy researcher in southern Queensland, was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd great-great uncle, Remus Rudd, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Melbourne in 1889. Both Judy and Kevin Rudd share this common ancestor.

    The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows at the Melbourne Gaol:

    On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this inscription: ‘Remus Rudd horse thief, sent to Melbourne Gaol 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Melbourne-Geelong train six times. Caught by Victoria Police Force, convicted and hanged in 1889.’

  2. Carried on from above

    So Judy recently e-mailed Prime Minister Rudd for information about their great-great uncle. Remus Rudd:
    Believe it or not, Kevin Rudd’s staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research:

    “Remus Rudd was famous in Victoria during the mid to late 1800s . His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Melbourne-Geelong Railroad.

    Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad.
    In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the Victoria Police Force. In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honour when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.”

    NOW That’s how it’s done, Folks!

  3. Looking at the STUFF Poll of polls Labour might get home – the “It is Time” factor is strong. The chart I saved starts about June and Ms Ardern got to lead Labour from the end of July (vertical line).

    From then on the rise in Labour poll numbers is obvious while National slips slightly. Then a week or so ago Labour starts topping off a little while National firms slightly. It would all be within errors – way to close to call on the polls. In recent polls the Greens look to be recovering a little from their recent disasters.
    Three years ago I blogged after the Sept 2014 NZ election – Amazing that amid prosperity the New Zealand Government can not win half of the vote in general election – and here is my chart of the history of NZ election results from three years ago – large chart.

  4. Going by the seat tallies at STUFF with 27% counted it looks like NZ First Winston Peters is the King-Maker.

  5. So the Hulun Clark attempted coup has mostly failed with the Labour long term trend looking dismal. At 37 TaxCinda’s biological clock is racing so maybe her and her man decide they want a family now. Is Hulun too old to come back and lead Labour to the promised land? She is 67, Winston Peters is 72.

  6. When you think that the Greens percentage will likely recover somewhat in months & years ahead as their recent disaster recedes in voters minds. This will be mainly at the expense of Labour – which suggests the Labour percentage is a pretty weak result – weighing up all factors.
    This is an article packed with nuances as the dominant leftie media agonizes over – The emotional Maori Party demise – On election night I heard Bill English expressing sadness at the loss of the Maori Party seats but failing to allude to how many of his MP’s have Maori heritage. Am I imagining that National Govts have granted circa a $Billion in land and assets to Maori over a decade or so in Treaty “reparations” ? It sure would be fascinating to know if Winston Peters is pushing his wish for a referendum on the Maori seats in the next fortnight of haggling. A Kiwi reader emailed me this cartoon well worth putting up.

  7. We were forecast to get a heat-wave over on the Kiwi side of the Ditch. The only hot air – so far, is fall-out from our crack-pot elections. NOW with this silly MMP system – conceivably the fellow whose party only received 7% of the Votes, gets the most say. Winston The King Maker ! Also, mildly crackpot is that we are in stand-by mode awaiting the overseas votes to come in. Of course, Comrade Taxcinda is assuming that those will all go her way, around 300,000 to go apparently. Big reveal next week.

  8. Interesting report of a tallying error probably only found because it was so huge and obvious. Yet takes a week to get reported. If Kiwi voting systems are so dumb that a huge error like this in a tiny rural locality was not corrected on the night. I mean surely the tallying people could quickly access booth histories. Gives you no confidence there are no more subtle errors.

    The small rural township that stood up and was counted … wrongly 1 Oct 2017

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