How are Kiwis coping with predicted heatwave?

Last week the New Zealand MetService was pushing – New Zealand in for a warm Sunday and Monday as heatwave heads over from Australia – I have had a quick look at temperatures for a few towns around Aotearoa but do not see the predicted heatwave anywhere. Have any New Zealanders felt a heatwave on the weekend or Monday?

5 thoughts on “How are Kiwis coping with predicted heatwave?”

  1. NO ! There is no sign of anything like a heatwave whatsoever, around Auckland anyway. Has been the longest, coldest, wet Winter and we are still waiting for Spring ! The forecast for the rest of the week not much to write home about either. Bucketing down at the moment.

  2. It was pleasantly warm in inland South Canterbury on Monday. Got up to 24oC but as the equinoxial gales were gusting up out of the Alps at up to 60 kph we were disinclined to wander forth. Have not had to have a fire for three nights for the first time in several weeks and neither have we had a frost for about a month. It is a somewhat warmer spring than the last three years but that warmth is by no means confined to the last few days. In fact the local forecast for today is for a maximum of 10oC. In short warmish and welcome but not exceptional.

  3. I am starting to think heatwaves are jet induced, after Dr Marohasy’s finding that maximum temperatures were often caused by a spurous 1 to 1.5C rise for a few seconds. It happened again today, where a sudden rise bigger than that occurred right on arrival time for a Qantas 1pm flight, at 1.05pm, before immediately dropping back.
    Meanwhile the monthly maximum is above average once more this month in Broome by 1.5C, while the average minimum is fractionally below average.
    There are no flights affecting minimums here at all. I will keep watching.

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