4 thoughts on “Huge week long wind drought South Eastern Australia”

  1. No wind, no problem – all that's required for a state like South Australia:

    With $90 billion spent on batteries and 4,000 MW of more wind farms, South Australia could be a totally renewable state, at least for electricity.

    All South Australians need do is pay Elon Musk $90 Billion up front for a stack of batteries, plus pay the additional RET subsidy of $90 per Megawatt hour on the energy generated by these extra wind turbines i.e. $2.8 Million per day (4,000MW x 0.33C.F. x 24hr x $90) or around $1.0 Billion dollars per year.  Simple really.

  2. I notice that the “registered capacity” is now 4395 MW. This has increased by approximately 400 MW in the past month. Does anyone know when it actually increased?
    The old records from several months ago indicate that the capacity has been 4395 MW for many months (years?). This is false.
    Homogenisation knows no bounds.

  3. Just updating my chart of 5 States 10 day smoothed AEMO spot prices. The big coal States Qld & NSW are clearly trending slightly under $100 per MWhr while the States with greater proportions of renewables form a group clearly over $100.

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