NSW Deputy Premier proposes debate around nuclear power

Just when you thought most politicians are way far GreenLeft – up pops an exception – The ABC says – Nuclear power on the agenda in NSW as Deputy Premier claims ‘we’ve been led by fear and mistruths’ – Surely he is misquoted re France – which has had a large fleet of nuclear power generators for decades. Any ideas for good practical sites around Sydney? Could Lucas Heights be enlarged?

2 thoughts on “NSW Deputy Premier proposes debate around nuclear power”

  1. There were proposals to build one at Jervis bay which is a naval base on commonwealth land. The aborigines nearby just out side the Commonwealth land might be a problem.
    Lucas Heights is no longer suitable – too much housing.

  2. It would be good if we could avoid light water reactors (LWRs). At Fukushima they only suffered a loss of flow, but still ended up with hydrogen explosions and melted fuel (and a massive evacuation as a result). A loss of coolant would be worse. Can we buy into a project looking at molten salt reactors? Or alternatively, what happened to the modular pebble-bed design that was much talked-about a few years ago? These reactors are smaller (than typical LWRs) and probably better suited to our grid.

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