8 thoughts on “Australian wholesale electricity prices rocket at start 2017”

  1. Amazed this is not national news, we are hearing about Pizza Hut wages but not this which affects every household in the country. I thought demand was reduced over holidays so you might expect subdued prices. And Hazelwood in Vic will close soon taking out 1600MW from Vic. Why is Qld such a price setter? I thought their generators were State owned. And why Tasmania where the State owned Hydro runs the show? Has all the hallmarks of concerted and pre-arranged actions.

  2. I wish I knew why Qld prices exhibit such price excursions. Been going on for years – if you check my chart of monthly data – “Four States monthly average electricity wholesale prices to end 2016”
    See Qld price spikes late 2014 – early 2015 and early 2016 thru to the Great June 2016 spike affecting all States.

  3. The disaster keeps on coming true, copybook.

    SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government 8 Feb 2017

    AEMO guesses the best they can then get stuck without gas. It was obvious early yesterday evening around 6.30 that with demand at 3,000MW, gas keeping up near 2,100MW and the minor rooftop solar ebbing as the day ends then wind decided to fade away leaving the interconnectors too big a load to carry.
    I suppose if AEMO had ordered another gas unit and it was not needed, they feared the cost penalty.
    Too sweet.

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