Pauline Hanson to visit Wellington Dam

Thanks to Beachgirl for this marvelous news from The West Australian. My post from last May – Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam with link to Agritech Wellington Dam Water Recovery Project on the WayBack machine. Any WA people interested in rational water policies should get in the car on Friday and visit Collie and Wellington Dam with Pauline Hanson. Help to make the day a success for Pauline and WA people.

7 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson to visit Wellington Dam”

  1. I hope they arrange a do for Pauline in Bunbury too so One Nation supporters get an opportunity to meet & greet, ask some questions, get the latest ON news direct, whatever. No doubt there would be people in Collie keen for a meeting as well. I wonder if the local Labor member Mick Murray would turn up?

  2. Wellington Dam desalination plan to boost local agriculture 12 Jan 2017

    Have people read this at ABC Online above link, WA Water Minister Ms Davies said along with the state and private sector funding, the project would require substantial Commonwealth input.
    “Certainly I am confident that they are aware that this is our number one priority,” she said.
    Number one priority?? The Commonwealth should tell WA – far more important than this high risk fiddling with Collie River flows is to manage Perth Dam catchments to increase runoff. Commonwealth should say to WA – “here is $10million to get cracking on managing Perth Dams catchment scrub. Just do it and improve runoff for next wet season.”

  3. Hello Warwick, are you please able to post an update of your excellent graph of Perth water catchment annual rainfall?

    I notice on Water Corp’s website a report of their trial of thinning the Wungong Dam catchment across 1,800 ha over the period 2005 – 2013 which resulted in an increase in dam stream flow of 50 percent within two years. Details are here:

    Water Corp reports that streamflow effects were not so good in subsequent drier years, but that would not seem to detract from the excellent results in years of average to good rainfall. Enthusiasm seems to be lacking in the report.

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