Scary story about Lake Eyre region warming

Both Anthony Watts and Andrew Bolt have drawn attention to the speculative model based study by Dr John Tibby from the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population – which claims that in the Lake Eyre region – ”Temperatures could increase up to four degrees Celsius in Arabunna country in the next century, threatening the survival of many plants and animals,”.
Both the above blogs posted a graphic of satellite based lower troposphere temperatures showing little change since 1979. I was curious to see what land based thermometers showed over a century – so I increased the grid size to a 10 degree rectangle to include Alice Springs.

As you can see there is not much warming over even a hundred years for the warmists to crow over. I fail to understand why we fund so many warmist groups to produce such unlikely doomster speculations – when there must be many worthier research subjects that Australia needs progressing.
While I was at the KNMI Climate Explorer site I expanded the grid box to include most Australian land – including all our urban heat island affected cities except Darwin.

Not a lot of warming to crow over there since 1880.

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