3 thoughts on “Putting the huge size of global oceans in perspective”

  1. I wonder about the notion in the graphic:
    “Oceans control our climate by absorbing half of all man-made CO2”.
    The oceans control our climate by enormous water and heat supply to the atmosphere.
    Climate is all about water and its ability to store heat!
    “Climate is the continuation of the ocean by other means” www.whatisclimate.com/

    __Globally, the hydrological cycle is characterized be the evaporation of about 500,000 cubic kilometers of water per year, of which 86% is from the oceans and 14% is from the continents [Quante and Matthias, 2006].
    __ The entire water in the atmosphere is replaced about 35 times in one year.
    More details in Chapter G1-d at: www.seaclimate.com/g/g1.html

  2. Hey; good that this group produces media to communicate science about the oceans to those less literate in science. I thought that if they are going to show pipes spewing oil into the ocean, then they should balance up by reporting natural seeps which according to the UNEP are on the same scale as man caused spills. Not that I admitting to believe everything the UN says.

  3. Concerning the relevance of CO2 read at “C3Headlines” June 12, 2012:
    „ Global Warming Science Facts: Latest NOAA Data Confirm Long-Term Ocean Warming From CO2 Is Minimal To Insignificant. The global warming science facts do not support the climate doomsday scientists’ contention that human CO2 emissions are causing dangerous long-term ocean warming – the empirical evidence is ‘unequivocal’ about this”

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