Concise reminder of IPCC failings

New Zealand politician Rodney Hide discusses the IPCC.

4 comments to Concise reminder of IPCC failings

  • val majkus

    Could we import him?
    don’t miss Donna Laframboise Melbourne (here’s the youtube)

  • Dr K.A. Rodgers

    “Could we import him?”

    Please feel free but importers need to be aware that Rodney is something of a loose cannon which, of course, can do extensive damage to one’s own ship of state.

  • Kandler

    “Dissent is simply ignored” is simply rubbish,as any cursory examination of the review process and drafts illustrates. This is a very weak piece of bluster from Hide,and certainly doesn’t rate as ‘discussion’. A real discussion would examine the IAC findings in detail and compare them to the IPCC’s responses.

  • WSH

    An update of Rodney Hide talking about the IPCC.
    Claptrap science shrouds dark anti-growth agenda
    Sounds right to me Rodney.
    From the National Business Review in New Zealand.

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