The true anti-prosperity agenda revealed – Greens warn of ‘next Jabiluka’

From the AFR. Green groups in the Kimberley have turned the pressure on investors, warning that Woodside Petroleum’s $35 billion Browse liquefied natural gas project in Western Australia risks being “Australia’s next Jabiluka”, with the potential to destroy shareholder value. The Fin. Review
Translation for those outside Australia – Jabiluka is a potentially rich uranium mine near Ranger in the Northern Territory where a handful of indigenous owners have blocked development for years (when I say handful I could be exaggerating – I think two people hold the key). The Jabiluka orebody is a gigantic 357million lbs of high grade U3O8 worth in-ground a mind-numbing ~$20Billion.
That the minority Greens propaganda campaign against natural gas coming ashore ANYWHERE along the huge Kimberly coastline has run as long and as far as it has – is a tribute to the depth that unscientific Green dogmas have soaked into our main-stream-media.
If Australians want to vote for a prosperous nation at the next election – that would mean putting the Greens last. If you wish for a weaker and poorer Australia – vote Green.

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