The true anti-prosperity agenda revealed – Greens warn of ‘next Jabiluka’

From the AFR. Green groups in the Kimberley have turned the pressure on investors, warning that Woodside Petroleum’s $35 billion Browse liquefied natural gas project in Western Australia risks being “Australia’s next Jabiluka”, with the potential to destroy shareholder value. The Fin. Review
Translation for those outside Australia – Jabiluka is a potentially rich uranium mine near Ranger in the Northern Territory where a handful of indigenous owners have blocked development for years (when I say handful I could be exaggerating – I think two people hold the key). The Jabiluka orebody is a gigantic 357million lbs of high grade U3O8 worth in-ground a mind-numbing ~$20Billion.
That the minority Greens propaganda campaign against natural gas coming ashore ANYWHERE along the huge Kimberly coastline has run as long and as far as it has – is a tribute to the depth that unscientific Green dogmas have soaked into our main-stream-media.
If Australians want to vote for a prosperous nation at the next election – that would mean putting the Greens last. If you wish for a weaker and poorer Australia – vote Green.

8 thoughts on “The true anti-prosperity agenda revealed – Greens warn of ‘next Jabiluka’”

  1. It’s not the greens that are trying to stop Woodside in the Kimberley. It is aboriginal traditional custodians, led by the Goolarabooloo community, and supporting them is the majority of the Broome community. Businessman Geoff Cousins put it very well in the Australian this weekend. There are a myriad of reasons for this to NOT go ahead at this site, which can be found at and there are several suitable alternatives. The WA Government, Martin Ferguson and Woodside have bullied, lied, bribed and otherwise coerced people up here since this was first proposed. It is only last week that the Wilderness Society have joined the campaign. The Goolarabooloo people have always said NO.

  2. The above comments certainly don’t mean that I will be voting Green anytime soon. They have so many other daft agendas such as CO2 tax, spending, Middle East, boat people and more. Barnaby looks a good option to me…

  3. Three new Councillors elected from 5 vacancies in the hotly contested Broome Shire Council elections [url=http://]are all INDIGENOUS and are all ANTI-Woodside [/url]. This should put the media lie to bed that the indigenous people of Broome want this development to go ahead.
    This result is a huge negative for the WA State Government and their Kimberley Land Council enablers.

  4. This ABC Online article reports on the election by draw of the Broome Shire President – Tom is this the same Graeme Campbell who once held the Kalgoorlie Fed seat as an independent ?
    So where would you bring the gas ashore Tom ?

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