BoM hottest decade claim #2 – complete failure in Darwin too

Blind Freddie can see that Darwin Airport is comprehensively warmer in the decade 1990-1999 compared to 2000-2009.
Darwin 10 year av T trend
Just for a moment think on this gutless claim from the BoM that they restrict their claim to data post 1910. What a stunning example of utter contempt for voters and taxpayers. Do they think we are stupid ? Do they think we are all conned by this pathetic bleating attempt to censor out several decades of warm Australian climate history. It is surely a measure of the complete dominance that BoM/IPCC science has over the main-stream media (MSM) that the BoM get their strangelovian science uncritically parroted in our green-left MSM.

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  1. Warwick,

    I’m staying at Herne Hill (near the Oakover winery on the GN Highway) and usually this time of the year I need the aircon on during the night to be able to sleep.

    Haven’t used it yet for this purpose and the impression I get is that it’s cooler than usual.

    Oh Happy New Year !

  2. It’s clear to anyone except Blind Freddie’s dog that a decade can be selected as the ‘hottest’ or ‘coldest’ depending on the arbitrary choice of a 10-year period and the arbitrary choice of the ‘total’ period used for comparison. Not to mention the choice of stations used to calculate a figure for overall temperature.

    A common feature of junk science is the presentation of a number representing an abstraction – IQ, global temperature, phylogenetic distance – as if it was a real quantity that can be directly measured.

    Many thanks for providing this site with so much detailed information. BTW, we may have met (South Road, mid-1960s).

  3. Kevin,

    In the caption to Fig 3.6.2, can you change 1882-2004 to 1866-2004 and
    add a reference to Konnen (with umlaut over the o) et al. (1998). Reference
    is in the list. Dennis must have picked up the MSLP file from our web site,
    that has the early pre-1882 data in. These are fine as from 1869 they are Darwin,
    with the few missing months (and 1866-68) infilled by regression with Jakarta.
    This regression is very good (r>0.8). Much better than the infilling of Tahiti, which
    is said in the text to be less reliable before 1935, which I agree with.
    Thanks FTM, I assume this chit-chat is about constructing the SOI back deeper into the 19th C. – WSH

  4. Warwick

    The BOM’s claim about the last decade being the hottest in Australian history is making noises even in the UK. It is used to support the claim of an ever hotter planet.

    Where can one see a record of the Australian temperature trend since 1900? I can find data for individual stations but not for the country.

    Has Australia the equivalent of the UK’s CET?

    Help please.


    Martin Judge

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