6 thoughts on “Publicity beating up Perth sea level rising fails to mention the land is sinking”

  1. Thanks Warwick and Tom.
    The ABC fail fact checking? Never! Have to get Paul Barry’s well financed fact checking team onto this. Pigs may fly, too!

  2. Tidal ranges at Perth/Freemantle are very small, usually well below half a meter, and well below the level the Perth foreshore is above MSL.

    The dramatic pictures of waves over the Kiwana Freeway are due to strong westerly winds piling water up against the eastern shore of the Perth basin.

    In addition, the area is at least 15km via the river from the ocean and tidal effects will be minimal. Severe flooding along the Swan river catchment would be a bigger risk.

  3. “By 2100, the Freeway will be underwater all the time,” Prof Pattiaratchi said.

    Not might be, not if models are correct, just it will be. Just how scientific is that.

  4. It was a pussy of a month heat-wise Anto – Canberra (and many other places) only had the one really hot day. Many other Septembers have been hotter. Plan to post later today.

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