Record flows for Avon River at Northam for 2017

Highest ever Feb flows of 150GL – data from 1977. Highest annual flow since 2000 – 240.8GL.
All of which wastes to the sea. In recent summer months there has been significant rainfall in SW WA – Jan 2016 heaviest in the SW – I blogged on that – Jan 2017 – Then Feb 2017 where I blogged again – and the ABC reported – Now we have Jan 2018 where most Perth dam catchments saw over 100mm on the 16th. I have not seen where Water Corporation recorded any dam inflows or increased levels from the above rain.

6 thoughts on “Record flows for Avon River at Northam for 2017”

  1. Waterguru appears to have gone back into hibernation. I spent many school days playing in and alongside the Avon River in the 6os in Northam, with one flood covering the footbridge in the centre of town. The source of the town’s water supply at the time. I don’t know about now, it may come from the Mundaring to Kalgoorlie pipeline which runs nearby.

  2. ” I mean its only the main River through ya know, Perth.”
    Not quite correct Beachgirl, the Avon is a tributary of the Swan which flows through Perth.

    However with respect to the topic the Water authority will almost certainly be hesitant to acknowledge an increased inflow into WA’s major catchments. It doesn’t fit the pseudo scientific, or political meme.

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