Wild claims made relating GCM’s to Perth rain and water issues

This ABC article trying to justify seawater desalination sums up how so much damage has been done to Australian water policy over two decades. From the very first sentence “Perth’s desalination plant has been a lifesaver..”. What utter rubbish – Perth dam catchments bush could be managed to release more dam inflows – the SW Yarragadee aquifer could have easily made up any Perth shortfall and any drawdown would hardly be noticed as SW WA aquifers waste water to the sea constantly. There are also large quantities of weakly saline river water wasting to the sea every year in SW WA that could be more cheaply desalinated than seawater. Perth was never running out of water – water is running out of Perth.
Back to the ABC article – so these top climate scientists are saying that GCM’s are proving that increasing carbon dioxide driven climate change is causing the decline in SW WA rain. OK say we grant them that. Then how do we/they explain the increase in rain at various periods in the history of various Australian States and regions? Did CO2 do that too? The 14 BoM charts show that Australian rain has increased over a century and that most States and regions enjoy a wetter climate now than they did before 1950. How can anybody cherry pick the SW WA declining rain and say – Ah, that must be caused by IPCC Climate Change? I never hear any climate scientist say “the increase in rain from 1970 in many Australian regions must be caused by IPCC CO2 driven climate change”. I think a more rational view of Australian rainfall history would recognise – most of Australia is most often more dry than we humans would like. The 14 charts show with clarity that rainfall varies on decadal and sub decadal scales, often appearing to be cyclic, in different ways at different times in various regions for reasons we know little about – but we can opine and theorise.

3 thoughts on “Wild claims made relating GCM’s to Perth rain and water issues”

  1. Hi Warwick

    Dr Pandora Hope is quoting a drop in Perth rainfall levels in the last 25 years.
    It would be more professionally rigorous if Dr Hope quoted ‘ measured Perth rainfall”.

    As you have pointed out and I have also observed there are many zero rainfall days on rainy days at various measuring centers in the published record.

    What would display further professional integrity would be for Dr Hope to openly acknowledge this and investigate this failure to record rainfall.

    Upon investigation we may find Perth to be as wet as it always has been.
    We can then focus our attention on the massive “evapotranspiration” occurring from the out of control growth in our catchments.

    Cheers for your work Phil

  2. Stunning that Ms Murphy’s Water Corp has had a message on their website since at least August 2016 that the Mundaring Weir and Victoria dam rain gauges are out of service and are being repaired. Monty Python could not make this up. Water Corporation is just so interested in rainfall.

  3. “climate change is causing the decline in SW WA rain.”. OK, so some change in the Climate is causing that, but what does that have to do with CO2? Do the people of WA have more CO2 than the Eastern Seaborders or is it vice-versa, or is it irrelevant?
    I would definitely agree that the BOM has some of the Cast of Monty Python now on its Staff.

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