An audio reminder of WA Inc from the 1980’s

In recent years the stellar career of NSW Labor “Main Man” Eddie Obeid over three decades has tended to dazzle aficionados of Govt. corruption in Australia. However we must not forget that at about the same time in the 1980’s that Eddie Obeid was an up and coming Labor figure; Perth enjoyed a flowering of corrupt Govt. and business leaders known now as “WA Inc”. In a distant age I downloaded audio files of phone taps from the WA Corruption and
Crime Commission(CCC) – there is much to smile at as the various corrupt eager beavers share their adventures. Remember too that the Julia Gillard/Bruce Wilson AWU scandal birthed while WA Inc was still a very fresh memory.

4 thoughts on “An audio reminder of WA Inc from the 1980’s”

  1. Yes Carmen Lawrence allowed Bruce Wilson to start the corrupt mess which involved julia Gillard who should be in jail for claiming she witnessed a signature when the person was not present and put an earlier date on the document.
    Joan Kirner the second female premier also allowed corruption and incompetence to flourish in Victoria.
    Hillary Clinton may yet finish up in jail.
    Other than Margret Thatcher can not think of a competent and successful female leader.
    I suggest that most female ministers in the present WA government are not competent.

  2. You should complete summaries for the last four mp3’s. The first is about a land deal at Whitby about 40km SE of Perth – land that was the subject of mineral exploration for beach sands.

  3. Yes Tom I try and keep an eye on MS progress in this matter. I hope it is a good sign that he is getting input from participants from yonks ago.

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