These audio files are of phone calls taped by the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) of Western Australia (WA) and released to the media.

There are many pdf files of daily transcripts downloadable at the CCC website linked below, and I assume transcripts of these audio files will all be present there.
The CCC was formed in 2004 and has directed a spotlight into many murky corners of political life in WA.  

The most widely followed hearings of those early days started October 2006 and focused on the efforts of lobbyists to assist a property development company in 2005.    Canal Rocks was proposing to develop real estate at  Smith's Beach, near Yallingup, south of Busselton.  Australians love their coast but they also like plastering housing all over it. Presumably Canal rocks wanted smoother relations with the  WA Govt. and Busselton Shire Council which was deliberating on Canal Rocks proposals.   
The principal lobbyist was  ex WA Premier Brian Burke and his Australian Labor Party (ALP) mate Julian Grill.  The Liberal Party was not left out in the ranks of WA lobbyists thanks to efforts  from ex politician, party power broker, Noel Crichton-Brown.  In early 2007 several WA Govt. Cabinet Ministers were forced to resign following CCC revelations of their readiness to grant favours to the lobbyists.
So that's the broad brush scene as these CCC hearings got underway, a property developer company thought their proposal to develop coastal land was being held up unreasonably in approval processes involving Busselton Council and the WA Govt.
One of the main participants in these first dramas exposed in October 2005 was Minister for Small Business, Norman Marlborough - ex Fremantle wharf worker - who had been a long serving ALP back bencher from the 1980's until Premier Carpenter promoted him in early 2005.   Carps must have recognised at long last Norm's  considerable talents.  Minister Marlborough was known for years as a friend and factional ALP mate of ex Premier Mr Brian Burke who time as WA Premier dates from WA Inc days in the 1980's.   The premier before Alan Carpenter, Mr Geoff Gallop had indeed banned his Govt. members from official contact with Brian Burke.
Early in the hearings it was established that Mr Burke had supplied a mobile (cell) phone to Minister Marlborough, to be used only for calls between the two of them.

t0121.wav In which ex WA Premier Brian Burke discusses career moves for a someone called Beryl with Minister for Small Business, Norman Marlborough.
t0246.wav Starts with discussion of security aspects of  various types of phone service and the immunity of the Ministers Electoral Office to FOI (Freedom of Information) processes.  Burkie tries to set the Minister right..
t0248.wav Burkie trying to impress on our brilliant Minister the absolute importance of cell phone security. But our Minister knows all.
t0257.wav Poor old harrassed Burkie impressing on our Minister the importance of not telling ANYBODY about his new secret cell phone.  Not even Burkies mate Julian Grill.
t0261.wav Burkie catches our Minister in a Parliamentary sitting, (love that Muzak) and sets our Minister right about how to answer any Parliamentary questions  about our  contacts between the two of them. Burkie gets just a touch frustrated at how many times he has to explain things.  With talent like this in Parliament, WA affairs of State are in good hands.
Lawyer Tom Percy QC discusses bugging and legal technicalities on a radio program.
Discussing the smooooth running of vital meetings, at Wanneroo I think.     Sam Salpetrio's (Wanneroo councillor) talents as a chairperson.
Burkie discussing his influence over Wanneroo council matters and members. Wogs & sprogs and market gardeners quote.   Love 'em.
Burkie suggesting someone to our Minister, says he is 100% Labor and 120% Burke.
Burkie assembling the numbers,   talking to Pete suggesting he support Sam Salpetrio.  Runs down "silly Kelly".  Pete comes round.
More number crunching and vote fixing by Burkie after request from land developer.
Burkie rings a mate, Tony Monahan, to influence Western Power to reroute a power line that is offending Burkies property development mates.
ABC radio program 12 Feb 2007 commenting generally on the new February 2007 CCC hearings.
 More notes later - these last 4 files are about a mining matter and BB facilitating some approval from a Minister.



Links: The audio files are no longer online at the WACCC but the transcripts can still be found - look for the 2006 archive then  2007a