Chart history global Islamic terrorist attacks

Data from Wiki – numbers for injured often absent. Surprised I did not quickly find charts online.
So Operation Desert Storm did not trigger much. Why the drop in 2009? Then the Arab Spring did not start until December 2010 so what was firing up in 2010? The initial invasions of IS were late 2014 so the wave of IS inspired killings are obvious and look reduced now. But the Wiki data may be very incomplete according to this StoryMap of 2017 killings which records 7,456 fatalities compared to 466+ for the Wiki. Also Victoria Woollaston says “In 2014, Boko Haram was the deadliest terrorist organisation responsible for at least 6,600 deaths.”

So there must be way greater tallies of Islamic terrorist killings out there. If readers have found better data to construct a chart please pass on. Here is a reduced screenshot of the Datagraver chart from link below.

6 thoughts on “Chart history global Islamic terrorist attacks”

  1. Pretty much is in rhythm with the religious based/directed stirrings of Zbig & the Trilateral Commission.

    A Pandora’s Box. Nobody wins.

  2. Some terrorism prone developing countries (and I’d say most) have managed to reduce the mass killings of earlier years. Notably Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, and those affected by Boko Haram. Also Russia has got the problem under control.

    But over the last few years it has spread to the developed world. A problem that may need the rather heavy handed approaches of the countries mentioned earlier.

  3. There is low correlation between US Military action and Jihad terrorism, but high correlation between Saudi Arabian sponsorship of Mosques and madressehs around the World teaching Jihad from the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunna of Mohammed. When we buy their oil we finance their Terrorism.

  4. A perfectly good place thank you Graeme No.3 and I am sure all will appreciate and reciprocate your kind thoughts for Christmas and associated catching up with family times.

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