Our disgusting ABC sweet talks Russian invasion of Ukraine

Amazing quotes Lavarov as a source in their pro-Russian Christmas story. A visitor from Mars might think that eastern Ukraine is all sweetness and light right now but the evil Trump/US are supplying a weapon that will “fuel conflict” by threatening peace-loving Russian tanks. And I suppose some in the ABC think the Ukraine Airforce shot down MH17.

2 thoughts on “Our disgusting ABC sweet talks Russian invasion of Ukraine”

  1. Russia’s occupation and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula plunged Europe into one of its gravest crises since the end of the Cold War. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s region is a replay and escalation of methods that the Kremlin used for the past two decades to maintain its influence across all the domains of the former Soviet Union. Russia has directly supported or contributed to the creation of four breakaway ethnic regions in Eurasia: Transnistria, a self-declared mini-state in Moldova on a strip of land between the Dniester River and Ukraine; Abkhazia, on Georgia’s Black Sea coast; South Ossetia, in northern Georgia; and, Nagorno-Karabakh, a landlocked mountainous region in southwestern Azerbaijan declared independent under Armenian protection following a manufactured civil war. Moscow’s meddling has created ongoing conflicts in these all states, in which the splintered territories remain beyond the control of central governments and the local authorities enjoy Russian protection and sponsorship.
    The situation on the peninsula has played according to the familiar script. Moscow fans ethnic tensions, pumps in ‘settlers’ and applies limited force at a moment of political uncertainty. It endorses territorial revisions that allow it to put its foot in the contested region. After annexation of Crimea, Russia departed from these tactics and raised the stakes. Russia’s willingness to go further in Crimea than in the earlier cases is driven by Crimea’s strategic importance to Russia. Russian elites see the West, EU, etc. as weak, hypocritical and foolish. All of which is true.
    Russia’s repeated interventions in all regions of former Soviet states, show that the strategy which worked well in the past (including Hitler in Czechoslavakia),and Moscow thinks that it can be relied on again to work. However each time Russia undermines the territorial integrity of a neighboring state, the result has actually been the opposite. Moscow’s support for separatist movements within their borders has driven Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova to all wean themselves off their dependence on Russia and pursue new partnerships with the West. Ukraine will follow a similar trajectory. Annexing Crimea and threatening military intervention in eastern Ukraine, will only bolster Ukrainian nationalism against Russia and push Kiev closer to Europe, while causing other post-Soviet states to question the wisdom of a close alignment with Moscow. Moscow’s policies win battles and lose Wars.

  2. Here is the ABC again highlighting Russian statements as reasonable without any context from the history.
    Amazing they uncritically caption that photo of some NORKS party conference showing everybody very obediently note-taking in unison.
    Russian Foreign Minister says US sabre-rattling ratcheting up tension with North Korea
    Facts are NK was a client state of USSR and China until the USSR imploded ~1989 and aid ceased. In the 1990’s the weak NK economy suffered terrible famines but arms expenditure was maintained. The US could have exerted real pressure on NK but Clinton never gave the issue proper attention just “kicking the can down the road”. As early as August 1998 some reports had NK multi-stage rocket parts landing on Alaska. After 9/11 US attention was far from NK but they beavered away at their nuc & rocket developments despite various time wasting conferences. Now the NORKS have the “bomb” and longer range rocketry and fate has delivered us Trump in charge. Despite feeble UN sanctions facts are the NORKS are cheap & valuable little Russian and Chinese proxy mates threatening South Korea – Japan and the US Pacific position.
    Must be some deep-red marxists always busy in the ABC.

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