7 thoughts on “Great cartoon trajectory NZ Govt at Whaleoil”

  1. Maybe smug intentions are why the NZ media or MSN are prepared to make statements like this in the media.

    “If you’ve read or watched The Handmaid’s Tale then you were likely startled by the brutality of it, and perhaps even saw it as an ominous prediction of what could happen if this post-Trump world shifted even further to the right.”

    I think this is leftist propaganda of the worst form. Just imagine if the Clintons got into power. Bill would be getting the handmaidens to line up world wide for his geriatric attentions.

    Like the facts are showing as time passes – “Every thing the left has being accusing Trump and capitalism of, are based on the left’s behavior in an effort to remove blame from themselves.”


    NZ has a great government nowadays. Run by minority parties, none of which command a majority in the house and dominated by “list” or party appointed MP’s that no one voted for.
    Boy did we ever get what we deserved when the sheeple here voted for this new electoral system!

    We need a new system plus a party that is prepared to stand up to and champion – freedom, democracy and capitalism.





  2. Watching the TV news re Zimbabwe coup I note that the word “marxist” is never mentioned, lost to history, or herstory.
    I wondered if anybody in NZ produced a decent rebuttal to that statement weeks ago by Taxcinda along lines “NZ children living in poverty is a failure of capitalism”. No mention of parents.

  3. The left are sufferers of “self-projection”. It has reached epidemic proportions in the media and ‘social media’. Their lack of self-awareness is astonishing.
    As one of their kind, Jeremiah Wright once said, “The chickens are coming home to roost”, the term now has new meaning across the left since Donald Trump’s rise.

  4. Great to see Whaleoil ripping into this ruthless Iranian/Kiwi Greens MP career climbing brat.
    Golriz Ghahraman is a defender of the human rights of genocidal maniacs 27nov17
    I can understand 100% a young lawyer taking work wherever the cause to advance career – hired guns & all that. But then in this day & age of Google & zero www privacy you can not expect to sashay away from those facts and adopt other fancy GreenLeft pro-Human Rights postures winning you a taxpayer funded gilded life in the Beehive. I hope Phil Quinn keeps digging deeper and that Golriz Ghahraman resigns.

  5. Puff piece in NZ Herald
    Green MP Golriz Ghahraman on a life-changing year in Rwanda 27Nov17

    Then today she is defending herself.
    Golriz Ghahraman says genocide-denier comments ‘absolutely offensive’ 28nov17
    Says her “profile page” could be clearer. I think the GreenLeft will close ranks around her unless there is a very favoured Greens replacement behind her.

  6. Another analysis of the career of Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, this time by Barry Soper.
    Soper on Genocide denier Golris Gharhaman
    I liked his last words – “Imagine the outcry if it was Judith Collins who had defended mass-murderers? Yeah…so far only silence or vicious defence of Golriz Gharhaman has occurred.

    She’s a Green so she does enjoy the dual protection of the Shield of Sanctimony and a Cloak of Hypocrisy.”
    Same as Oz – the GreenLeft have special rights to be abusive, offensive and outrageous.

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