Australian electricity bills portrait of another National disaster

Chart by St Vincent de Paul from ALVISS Consulting – The ABC reports – St Vincent De Paul wants to make your power bills less confusing with energy market shakeup

Almost a year ago I blogged – Australian Government financial disasters – time for an update next month – send in any new ideas.

5 thoughts on “Australian electricity bills portrait of another National disaster”

  1. So Minister Frydenberg and the NEG survived COAG but fascinating that the two States that voted against the NEG were SA (highest electricity bill increases since 2009) and the ACT (lowest bill increase). COAG to next vote on NEG in 5 months??
    Does anybody know how the ACT manages to moderate electricity price increases?

    No resolution on energy after COAG meeting, but Government remains confident in National Energy Guarantee

  2. The Qld voters had a chance to elect an LNP govt which would have built a new coal-fired power station. They chose not to.

    Admittedly, Tim Nicholls isn’t the most charismatic leader in the world, but still…”Stupid is as stupid does,” to quote that great philosopher, Forrest Gump.

  3. The ABC lets renewables advocates rips into the proposed 800MW HELE project @ Collinsville.
    Queensland election: Experts say LNP’s power station plan not viable, would raise prices

    But this local article points out that the new generator would replace power now transmitted from further south.
    North Queensland supports new coal power station: poll

    The AEMO xls file Generation Information for Qld shows the Mackay GT closing in 2020-21 but that is only 34MW. No other closures for Qld out to 2026-27. I see in the xls list Townsville now has the 233MW Townsville Power Station and Mt Stuart @ 398MW both extending out to 2026-27.
    I guess it will not happen now under Labor. Since March Qld has almost always been the State with the cheapest wholesale AEMO price. But politicians could destroy that no worries.

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