Comparisons of various thermometer enclosures with Stevenson screens

I have just had a heads up from Silligy re this 2005 paper – MEASUREMENT OF AIR TEMPERATURE IN THE PRESENCE OF A LARGE RADIANT FLUX: AN ASSESSMENT OF PASSIVELY VENTILATED THERMOMETER SCREENS – pdf ~300KB – Fig 10 gives an idea of the magnitude of the differences. Commercial screen Type A naturally ventilated in the 2005 paper and Type B aspirated

2 thoughts on “Comparisons of various thermometer enclosures with Stevenson screens”

  1. At least one of the authors of the paper is an engineer (the Portuguese one). It is the first time , outside engineering journals and books, that I have seen the Nusselt number, Reynolds number and Prandtl number mentioned with respect to heat balance, and temperature measurement in a journal accepting papers on weather and climate.
    From a quick skim through the paper it is a good analysis.

  2. Increased solar radiation on the Stevenson Screen causes substantially higher temp readings than ambient.

    I’ve been going on for years about how increased solar radiation at the surface (from reduced pollutants) is the main cause of surface warming. It now appears much of that measured warming is an artifact of the Stevenson Screen.

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