Why are Tasmanian electricity prices spiking to over $2,000 per MWhr?

Tasmanian electricity is supplied by their Govt owned mostly hydro and lesser wind & gas fired generation.
Why is that Tasmanian wholesale AEMO prices spike to over $2000 per MW hour twice in recent days?
There is only one supplier – Hydro-Electric Corporation owned by the Tasmanian Goverment. Nemwatch for current generation and AEMO for prices and demand charts and AEMO NEM dispatch overview. Obviously Hydro Tasmania is in a dry spell and in order to conserve water levels will buy Victorian power through BassLink when prices suit them – see the AEMO NEM dispatch overview for interstate flows in real time.

4 thoughts on “Why are Tasmanian electricity prices spiking to over $2,000 per MWhr?”

  1. Last year Hydro Tassie were battling to cope with the after effects of the BassLink breakage which ran down dam levels – recall they even turned to diesel to conserve dam levels a bit.
    So dam levels then maybe not a good guide to what Hydro Tassie would see as ideal at this time of year.

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