New BoM Adelaide West Terrace site warmer at night than Kent Town

I blogged over two years ago on the BoM moving their main Adelaide weather instruments site from Kent Town to West Terrace not far from where the site was from the 1800’s up to 1979. In April 2015 I said – Bureau of Meteorology delusions about the urban heat island revealed in news of relocation (again) of Adelaide weather instruments – And now we see West Terrace is starting its new life warmer at night than Kent Town – assuming the BoM have had time to iron out any instrument faults – there is a gap of 4 hours at West Terrace on the 15th. If readers wanted to do any night time vehicle/temperature traverses – data might be interesting.

Link for larger chart

3 thoughts on “New BoM Adelaide West Terrace site warmer at night than Kent Town”

  1. You say it is “utter delusion” for the BoM to say
    “…data from the new weather station would be able to be accurately compared to historical figures to determine the impact of climate change.”
    So what will data from the new weather station show?

  2. A comparison of the old and new West Terrace data (years in the future when we have enough to compare) is more likely to increase our understanding of the evolution of the Adelaide UHI over more than a century – and have v little impact on our understanding of “climate change” – IMHO. The BoM will construct their memes.

  3. Here is the West Terrace minus Kent Town monthly minimum T differences for the overlap period when Kent Town commenced.

    So WT was warmer at night 40 years ago too.

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