Australian electricity grid generation capacities by source

With Finkel being debated and loads of misinformation around – here are AEMO state by state generation capacities by source. The figures can be rubbery, on 10 Feb 2017 NSW initiated load shedding with demand not much over 14,000MW and imports at over 1,000MW. There were failures of coal, gas and hydro generation to match AEMO assumptions. On the 8 Feb South Australia went close to load shedding with demand a little over 3,000MW. AEMO says SA wind totals 1595MW but I can only find 1208MW by tallying wind generators on the AEMO list. For generation snapshot go to NemWatch – for AEMO price and demand charts – AEMO NEM dispatch overview

2 thoughts on “Australian electricity grid generation capacities by source”

  1. AEMO says we have 3,885MW of wind installed.
    Wind Energy says we have about 4,400MW installed.
    Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing??
    Still there’s not that much difference when capacity factor is applied and 3,000MW DISAPPEARS thanks to Mother Nature.

    I must have been driving too fast when in QLD. I missed the 664MW of hydro.

  2. Just quickly – maybe AEMO has the smaller wind farms in another category . NSW and Vic would be easiest to check that. I just checked NSW tallies Ted and AEMO has 481MW wind in their “Existing & committed scheduled and semi-scheduled generation” – The Capital Wind Farm of Infigen has a 141MW installed capacity from AEMO but it is in their “Existing non-scheduled generation” classification because output is contracted to the Kurnell Desalination Plant in Sydney – if that ever runs.

    In the case of Vic – a quick look shows AEMO only count one of the ARARAT wind farms in their “Existing & committed scheduled and semi-scheduled generation” – so that explains the lions share of the difference there between AEMO and

    Contractual deals can affect these tallies too – for example the ACT pays a South Aust wind farm for electricity – to boost the ACT claims towards carbon free power by whenever – so I assume that wind farm might not appear in AEMO tallies.

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