Australia fails again as NT to Qld gas pipeline stymied

Land dispute sends Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline back to negotiating table says ABC on 7 March 17 – we know without reading what sort of “land dispute”.
In 2014 I wrote –
Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf
Then in 2015 –
NT Govt planning a gas pipeline to Eastern States by 2019
AEMO has a map showing both gas pipelines and electricity grids

5 thoughts on “Australia fails again as NT to Qld gas pipeline stymied”

  1. Get this:

    “The main concern that we have is about fracking,” Ms Stokes said. “We don’t want any fracking anywhere to get gas to go through that pipeline that’s going through our country.”

    But it gets better –

    She said traditional owners were not made aware that the pipeline could contain fracked gas if the NT Government lifted its moratorium on fracking.

    Words fail me…

  2. Sit back – close your eyes – then ponder the multi-decade ever increasing avalanche of Commonwealth money to a certain sector.

  3. Quite so, waszah. Think also of the taxpayer money that went on “educating” and quite possibly funding (at least through tax-exempt donations to their groups) the activists that have no doubt gingered up these traditional owners to go and throw a spanner in the works after a deal has already been made.

    The sheer frivolity of stopping a major national project like this because a handful of people raise a gripe about the possible future origin of the gas it will transport is breathtaking.

  4. when does the Government grow a pair and say stuff off this is a matter of national energy security instead of cow towing to every leftard lamo that craws out of their hole.

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